• The Dreamers (10) (Bronx, New-York)

    Personnel :

    Frank Cammarata (Lead)

    Bob Malara (Tenor)

    John Trancynger (Baritone/Bass)

    Frank diglio

    Dario Bianchini

    Discography :

    1960 - Natalie / Teenage vows of love (Goldisc 3015)
    1961 - Because of you / little Girl (Cousins 1005/may 133)

    Biography :

    R&B/doo-wop group the Dreamers formed in 1958 at a family wedding, attended by cousins Frank Cammarata (lead and tenor), Bob Malara (tenor), Luke "Babe" Beradis (tenor and baritone) and Dominic Canzano (baritone and bass), with the only non-cousin John "Buddy" Trancynger (baritone and bass). End Records promptly signed the band to its new offshoot, Goldisc. The sentimental ballad "Teenagers Vow Of Love" proved popular in the New York area during 1960, when it was released as their debut recording.Afterwards Berardis and Canzano were replaced by Frank Nicholas (from the Meridians) and Frank DiGilio as the group found a new home at Cousins Records.

    Their first release there was a highly idiosyncratic version of Tony Bennett's "Because Of You', but when it transferred mid-release to Cousins" May Records subsidiary, the momentum was lost, and with it the chance of an extended musical career. Afterwards, their opportunities to record disappeared as they concentrated on a stage show that proved particularly popular at service bases. They broke up in 1963, but re-formed briefly in the mid-80s.


    Songs :

                Natalie                            Teenage vows of love  

     Because Of You                            Little Girl



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