• The Dreamers (10)

    The Dreamers (10) (Yonkers , New York)


    Personnel :

    Frank Cammarata (Lead)

    Bob Malara (First Tenor)

    Luc Berardis (Second Tenor / Baritone)

    John "Bud" Trancynger (Baritone / Bass)

    Dom Canzano (Bass)


    Discography :

    1960 - Natalie / Teenage Vows Of Love (Goldisc 3015)
    1961 - Because Of You / Little Girl (Cousins 1005 / May 133)


    Biography :

    This group came to Lou Cicchetti's attention via Dario Bianchini, a former member of another group (with with Cicchetti had worked previously) known at the Dials. The Dreamers' sole effort for Cousins was "Because Of You", an old standard (Originally done by Tony Bennett), which was published by the Screen Gems Columbia organisation. Screen Gems also owned Colpix Records, And Cicchetti placed the master with them in the hope that they would plug the record heavily to promote their own copyright. Much to Cicchetti's disappointment, however, the record was relegated to the subsidiary May label and died almost instantly for lack of promotion.

    The Dreamers (10)    The Dreamers (10)
    The Dreamers on the Ted Mack "Original Amateur Hour"                                                                                             

    The Dreamers had started their career in 1959 when they appeared on the Ted Mack "Original Amateur Hour" (All but John were cousins). Hailing From Yonkers, New York, they consisted of Frank Cammarata (Lead), John "Bud" Trancynger (Baritone and Bass), Bob Malara (First Tenor), Luc Berardis (Second Tenor and Baritone) and Dom Canzano (Bass). A little later, they were spotted by George Goldner and signed to  his Goldisc Label. They recorded "Teenage Vows Of Love" in September of 1960 and it quickly became a top ten hit in many Midwest Cities including New York, after it's release in January of 1961.

    The Dreamers (10)    The Dreamers (10)
                                              Lou Cicchetti                                       Bob Malara, John "Bud" Trancynger, Frank DiGiglio and Dario Bianchini

    By 1962, they were disappointed with their label and went on to Cicchetti's Cousins Records. Berardis and Canzano last and were replaced by Frank DiGiglio and Frank Nicholas (The Meridians). A few more songs were recorded in 1964/1965, before the group finally disbanded in 1965. They had a short revival from 1983 to 1988 after an appearance on Don K.Reed's WCBS-FM show, which led a new album production and two single releases. This new formation included Frank, John and Frank Nicholas, together with Tony Frederico and Bruce Goldie (Also from The Meridians).

    Songs :

    Teenage Vows Of Love                               Natalie             

    Because Of You                                      Little Girl       


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