• The Orbits (2)

    The Orbits (2) (Hartford, Connecticut) )


    Personnel :

    Kenneth "Scrappy" Newkirk (Lead)

    Stanley Sheets

    Richard Morehead

    Louis Pitman


    Discography :

    1956 - Message Of Love / I Really Do (Flair-X 5000)


    Biography :

    Vocal group from Bellevue Square in Hartford, The Orbits were composed by Kenneth "Scrappy" Newkirk (Lead), Stanley Sheets, Richard Morehead and Louis Pitman. The Orbits recorded  two songs written by Kenneth Newkirk :"Message Of Love" and "I Really Do". The single will be released in early 1957 by Flair-x Records.

    The Orbits (2)    The Orbits (2)

    Flair -X Records was established in 1956 by  three former vaude luminaries have joined forces to set up. The trio consists of former comic and gag writer Lee Tully, president and artist and repertoire head; Sid DeMay, formerly of the team of DeMav, Moore and Martin, executive veepee and sales chief. and former magician and head of. Genie Records, James Jimae, assistant i.&r. chief.


    Songs :

    Message Of Love                                I Really Do   


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