• Sugar & Spice (1) (Portland, Oregon / Los Angeles, California)
     (By Hans-Joachim)



    Sugar (Junior Ryder, born Morris Riden)

    Spice (Blondine Taylor)


    1956 - Hey Joe (Let Me Know) / Indeed I Love You (Mercury 70788)
    1956 - Don't Be A Bunny / There Were No Angels (Wing 90081 / Mercury 70960)
    1957 - Strawberry Shortcake / First Last And Always (Mercury 71034)


    They were Junior Ryder who was part of the Johnny Otis aggregation, and Blondine Taylor one of the Queens who backed up Shirley Gunter on “You're Mine” and “Oop Shoop”.

    Blondine Taylor with The Queens

    They were paired by Buck Ram and signed to Mercury. They recorded “Hey Joe” and “Indeed I Love You” on Mercury # 70788, “There Were No Angels” and “Don't Be A Bunny” (a plea for good conduct at rock 'n roll shows) on Mercury's subsidiary label Wing (# 90081) and finally “Strawberry Shortcake” and “First Last And Always” for Mercury on #71034.


    The pair had the look, the sound, and the talent to be huge but it just didn't happen for them and that remains one of the big mysteries of the nineteen fifties.
    J.C. Marion


    Hey Joe (Let Me Know)           Indeed I Love You        There Were No Angels

    Strawberry Shortcake           First Last And Always                Don't Be A Bunny


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