The Four Naturals  (Philadelphia)

    aka  The Naturals (5)
    ref : The Fabulous Four (1) aka The Four J's (1)


    Personnel :

    Joseph "Junior" Pirollo (Lead)

    Bob Finizio (Second Tenor)

    Raymond Finizio

    Mike Travaglia


    Discography :

    The Naturals (5)
    1959 - Blue Moon / How Strange (Red Top 113/Hunt 325)

    The Four Naturals
    1960 - When I'm In Your Arms  /  I Hear A Rhapsody  (Red Top 119)
    1960 - The Thought Of You Darling / Long Long Ago (Red Top 125)


    Biography :

    In 1957, four fellows from the South Philadelphia area formed a singing group they named the four J's. they took their name based on the fact that each member's first name began with the letter J. they were Jr. Pirollo, Jimmy Testa, Joe"Judge"Milaro and Joe Paparella . Joe Paprella being replaced by Jr.'s Brother in law Bob Finzio.  After winning a local contest they were approached by Buddy Greco who became their manager and got the group their first recording contract in 1958 with UA records. After several releases, Jr. and Bob became part of the Four Naturals.


    The group was a studio group and after recording "How Strange", under the name of the Naturals, they didn't want to tour or perform live. Jr. and Bob replaced the two members who were unhappy and were on all the following releases including their hit "The Thought Of You Darling."

    The Fabulous Four (1)

    In 1960 Bob Marcucci of Chancellor Records approached Jr and asked if his group would be willing to vocally back up Fabian on both recordings and Tours. a recording contract as back up group for Fabian. Bob Marcucci came up with the group's new name "The Fabulous Four".


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    The Four Naturals

    I Thought Of You Darling                     Long Long Ago

    I Hear A Rhapsody / When I'm In Your Arms


    The Naturals (5)

    Blue Moon / How Strange


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