•  The Four Stars (4)
    From left to right are Dick Donahue, Jim Bruhn, Lorenzo, Ron Russel and David Ellman,

    Lorenzo & The Four Stars (4) (Indianapolis, In.)
    ref : The Five Stars (2)


    Personnel :

    Lorenzo Conyers (Lead)

    Jim Bruhn (First Tenor & Guitar)

    Dave Ellman (Trumpet & Piano)

    Dick Donahue (Bass & Vocal)

    Ron Russell (Lead Vocal & Drums)


    Discography :

    1961 - A Man / First Things First (Kapp 381)


    Biography :

    From the Indianapolis Indiana area, this vocal and Instrumental group from Indianapol is composed of Jim Bruhn (First Tenor & Guitar), Dave Ellman (Trumpet & Piano), Dick Donahue (Bass & Vocal) and Ron Russell (Lead Vocal & Drums). Jim Bruhn and Ron Russell were part of the Five Stars from 1957 to 1959. The Five Stars recorded several singles during this period . In middle 1960,  the Four Stars completed an eight-week engagement at the Turf Club in Indianapolis, where their act was seen by Lorenzo Conyers and they were asked to join him in New York for several engagements.

     The Four Stars (4)       The Four Stars (4)
    Lorenzo Conyers                                                                                                          

    Lorenzo Conyers, who appeared on popular recordings of "If I Didnt Care" and "We Three" with the "Ink Spots", had been doing a solo act since the death of one of the members of the original group.The Four Stars appeared with Lorenzo Conners in New York for several weeks and recorded two fine song for Kapp; "A Man" and "First Things First". Kapp Records was an independent record label started in 1953 by David Kapp in New York City.

    Songs :

    First Things First                                  A Man       


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