The Notes (1) (Philadelphia)

    Personnel :

    Ray McElwain (First Tenor)

    Boyd Beks (Second Tenor)

    Dave Wilson (Baritone)

    Clarence Beks (Bass)

    Discography :

    Singles :
    1955 - Cha Jezebel / Don't Leave Me Now (Capitol 3332)
    1956 - Trust In Me / Round And Round (MGM 12338)

    Unreleased :
    1955 - That's All There Is To That (Capitol)
    1955 - Times Two I Love You (Capitol)
    1956 - Clock Of Love (Capitol)
    1956 - Let Me Shake The Hand (Capitol)
    1956 - I Adore You (Capitol)
    1956 - I Never Cared Before (Capitol)
    1956 - Louise Louise Louise (MGM) 
    1956 - That's Why I Love You (MGM) 

    Discography :

    The Notes as being from Philadelphia and consisting of Ray McElwain (first tenor), Boyd Beks (second tenor), Dave Wilson (baritone) and Clarence Beks (bass).  The group members all grew up in Philadelphia and went to school together.  They got together in 1953 and were all 23 years old (with the exception of Clarence Beks) in 1955.


    The Group recorded in 1955 under the name the Four Notes. They recorded twelve songs, four were recorded independently and sold to Capitol in December 1955.  Four more were recorded for Capitol on March 2, 1956.  Four more were recorded for MGM on August 17, 1956.  Of the twelve songs recorded by The Notes, six were written by Clyde Otis!

    Songs :

    Cha Jezebel                    Don't Leave Me Now                    Trust In Me

    Round And Round



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