• Donny Manzo, Teddy Santos, Mike Lanzo and Kenny Marsh

    The Precisions (3) (Scranton, Pa)
    aka The Magics (2) aka The Palisades (3)




    Personnel :

    Mike Lanzo (Lead & Bass)

    Donny Manzo (Tenor)

    Ken Marsh (Baritone)

    Teddy Santos  (Second Tenor)






    The Precisions (3)
    1960 - Dream On / You Can't Play Games (Strand 25038)
    1963 - Sweet Dreams / Stop Leading Me On (Debra 1001)

    Tommy Genova & The Precisions (3)
    1962 - The Lover / What Has Happened (Bella 606)

    1962 - The Whole World In My Arms / Mama Done (Debra 1007)

    Jo Jo Vitale  bb The Precisions (3)    
    1962 - My Little Cinderella (May 127)

    The Magics (2)
    1963 - Chapel Bells / She Can't Stop Dancing (Debra 1003)

    The Palisades (3)
    1963 - Chapel Bells / She Can't Stop Dancing (Debra 1003)

    Mike Lanzo & The Blue Counts
    1964 - At The Fair / Ghost Town (Debra 2006)



    Biography :

    "The Magics" are best known for their hit recording "Chapel Bells", which reached number three on the local charts in the Northeast part of the country. The song was written by " The Monotones" who had the smash hit " Book of Love". 100 Records pressed under the name of the Palisades, name was changed to the Magics because Palisades was taken.

    Dick and the Halo's - Ted Santos, Ken Marsh, Dick Plotkin and Dom Manzo

    The group was formed in the late 1950's with the original members being, Don Manzo (the founder), Mike Lanzo and Ken Marsh, at that time the group was known briefly as the " Supremes". Ted Santos was the next member to join the group and they then formed an alliance with Dick Plotkin who's group had recently broke up, and the name of the group was changed to Dick and the Halo's.

    Dick & The Halo's  - Ken Marsh, Ted Santos, Dom Manzo and Dick Plotkin

    The group split up once again and the original 4, Don Manzo, Mike Lanzo, Ken Marsh and Ted Santos moved to Tin Pan Alley in New York to search for a professional management. Nick Quesado Enterprises, the firm that managed the nationally known "Teenagers" of "Why Do Fools Fall In Love" fame and "Randy & the Rainbows" of  "Denise" fame, took on the task and the group's name was changed to " The Precision's" then to "The Magics". 

    The Magics : Donny Manzo, Mike Lanzo, Kenny Marsh, Teddy Santos

    While in New York they recorded for  various New York labels and performed studio background for various artist such as Jo Jo Vitali who had the hit "My Little Cinderella", Jack Bailey from Canada who had hits such as "Tiger Lil" and "Your Magic Touch" all were hits in Canada. 

    The Precisions (3) aka The Magics aka The Palisades (3)

    The group also did background for local artist  "Tommy Genova" who had a local hit "They Call Me the Lover". The group disbanded soon afterward and went on their own individual ways.


    Songs :

    The Magics (2)

    Chapel Bells                        She Can't Stop Dancing (Debra 1003)


    The Precisions (3)

    You Can't Play Games             Sweet Dreams                 Stop Leading Me On 

    Tommy Genova & The Precisions (3)

    The Lover                    What Has Happened                        Mama Done

    Jo Jo Vitale  bb The Precisions (3)  

    My Little Cinderella

    The Palisades (3)

    Chapel Bells                         She Can't Stop Dancing


    Mike Lanzo & The Blue Counts

    At The Fair




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