• The Senators (1) (Gary, IN)

    Personnel :

    Delroy Bridgeman (Lead)

    Richard Bursua

    Jack Friedland

    Ronald Hedelius

    Robert Hutson

    Dean Croxton

    Discography :
    Singles :
    1959 - Scheming / Tafu (Bristol 1916)
    1959 -   It Doesn't Matter / Julie (Abner 1031)
    Unreleased :
    1959 - Till Forever More (Vee Jay)

    Biography :

    Delroy Bridgeman first started singing in elementary school in the mid-50s, inspired by the earlier East Chicago group the Dream Kings, the Gary group the Spaniels, and the Harvey group the Dells. In high school in the late 50s, in the tenor section of the choral club, Delroy formed the Senators.


    The Senators were a mixed-race group that recorded "Scheming" / "Tafu" (along with two unreleased tracks) for the Bristol record label out of Hammond, IN. The record got some local play in Chicago and the group even appeared on the Jim Lounsbury dance show. Although they were not supposed to be performing R&B material in the choral club, their choral club director Mr. Croxton became the group's manager and encouraged the group to enter a talent show in Gary, IN, competing for a recording contract for Vee Jay records.

    The Senators won the talent show and ended up releasing a record "It doesn't matter" / "Julie" on Vee Jay's Abner subsidiary (they also recorded two more unreleased tracks for Vee Jay). The record received some local play and the group continued to do local shows. The group soon disbanded after the members graduated and entered college.

    Songs :

     Scheming / Tafu                             It Doesn't Matter






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