• The Individuals (1) (Los Angeles)

    Personnel :

    Johnny Staton (Lead)

    Roy Allen (Tenor)

    Joe "J.W." Cummings (Baritone)

    Art Ward (Bass)

    Discography :

    1959 - Jungle Superman / I Met Her At A Dance (Show Time 595)  

    1959 - Jungle Superman / Dear One (Show Time 598/Red Fox 105)

    Biography :

    By 1959, Johnny Staton had given up on the name "Feathers," having formed a group called the "Individuals." They consisted of: Roy Allen (tenor), Joe "J.W." Cummings (baritone), and Art Ward (bass). They recorded a novelty tune called "Jungle Superman" for Peter Morgan (yes, Show Time was still around). This was in a Coasters/Olympics "playlet" vein. The flip was "I Met Her At A Dance," although when Morgan re-released "Jungle Superman" a few months later, the flip had changed to a nicely-done remake of the Feathers' "Dear One." 

     The Individuals (1)
    publicity shot of the Individuals

    There's a wonderful publicity shot of the Individuals in their "Jungle Superman" costumes. They actually wore them once onstage, for a show at Los Angeles' Orpheum Theater (which also featured Jackie Wilson, Brook Benton, and Don & Dewey). The Individuals worked quite a bit, even doing some background work behind Jan and Dean. Johnny himself provided some backing vocals behind Ricky Nelson.



     Songs :

     Dear One                               Jungle Superman

    I Met Her At A Dance


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