• The Sparks (1)
    Photo received under the name "The Sparks on Hull" (not confirmed)

    The Sparks (1) (New York)


    Personnel :

    Joel Allen (Lead)

    Wilmon Walker (Lead)

    James Springer (Tenor)

    Morris Louder (Baritone)

    Will Vason (Bass)


    Discography :

    Singles :
    1957 - Danny Boy / Run Run Run (Hull 723)
    1957 - Adreann / Finger (Hull 724)

    1957 - Virgin Islands, My Home (Hull)

    Lp :
    Your Favorite Singing Groups (HULL  LP 1002)
    1962 - Slowly But Surely (recorded 1957)

    The Sparks (1) 


    Biography :

    Hull Records was located in New York's famous Brill Building. It released a meagre sixty odd singles in more than a decade in the business. Their two best doo wop groups, The Heartbeats and Shep and The Limelites, were both very good and shared a lead singer. The Avons are also well regarded by doo wop fans.  The Sparks had two consecutive Hull releases issued during the spring of 1956 "Danny Boy" / "Run, Run, Run" (Hull 723) released for the R'n'B market and "Adreann" / "Finger" (Hull 724) issued for calypso listeners (on a green vice red label). The members of the Sparks were Joel Allen (lead vocals), Wilmon Walker (lead vocals), James Springer (tenor vocals), Morris Louder (baritone vocals) and Will Vason (bass vocals).


    Songs :

     Danny Boy                                  Run Run Run

    Finger / Adreann                                    Virgin Islands

    Slowly But Surely


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