• The Jewels (2) (Los Angeles)
    aka The Marbles aka The Rollers



Personnel :

Johnny Torrence (Second Tenor)

    Rudy Jackson (Second Tenor)

    Dee Hawkins (Tenor)

    Vernon Knight (Baritone)

    James Brown (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Marbles
    1954 - Golden Girl / Big Wig Walk (Lucky 002)

    The Jewels (2)
    1954 - Hearts Of Stone / Runnin' (R and B 1301)   
    1954 - A Fool In Paradise / Oh Yes, I Know (R and B 1303)   
    1954 - Rosalie / Living From Day To Day (R and B 1306)   
    1955 - Angel In My Life / Hearts Can Be Broken (Imperial 5351)   
    1955 - Natural Natural Ditty / Please Return (Imperial 5362)   
    1956 - How / Rickety Rock (Imperial 5377)   
    1956 - Goin', Goin', Gone / My Baby (Imperial 5387)
    N/A - Keep Your Feet On The Floor (Imperial)
    N/A - One Night  (Imperial)
    N/A - No Shoulder To Cry On  (Imperial)
    N/A - Skid Row  (Imperial)
    N/A - Everybody Needs A Little Lovin' (Imperial)

    The Jewels (2) (Second group)
    1956 - She's A Flirt / B-Bomb Baby (RPM 474)

    The Jewels (2) (Third group)
    1959 - The Wind / Pearlie Mae (Antler 1102)

    The Rollers
    1961 - Got My Eye On You / Bonneville (Liberty 55303)
    1961 - The Continental Walk / I Want You So (Liberty 55320)
    1961 - The Bounce / A Teenagers' Waltz (Liberty 55357)
    1962 - The Bug / Troubles (Bel Star 102) 

    Biography :

    The Jewels (Originally a gospel group from San Bernardino) were a Los Angeles, California based group that, in 1953 and early 1954, recorded under the name The Marbles on the Lucky label. The band's line-up was comprised of performers who, with the exception of baritone Vernon Knight (who was added around the time the band changed its name), had 'jubilee'-style gospel music backgrounds.

    Johnny Torrence, a tenor, was the band's leader; Rudy Jackson was lead singer; Dee Hawkins (tenor); James Brown (bass). The Jewels were named after group member Rudy Jackson's sister. During their first session for the R&B label the group cut Hearts Of Stone, a song co-written by Jackson (with Eddie Ray). While The Jewels' recording of the tune sold well on the West Coast, the version released by Otis Williams And The Charms on DeLuxe outsold the Jewels' record everywhere else. In 1955 R&B sold the group's contract to Imperial where they had three releases and then disbanded in 1956.


    Torrence, however, formed another incarnation that recorded one single for the RPM label (She's A Flirt/B.Bomb Baby). Not much is known about this version of The Jewels other than the fact that Torrence was in the group along with another tenor named John, a baritone named Sam and a bass named Arthur Wilson.

                       The Third group                                                                                                         

    In 1959, Johnny Torrence formed a third Jewels group, consisting of Don Sampson (lead), Johnny Torrence (second tenor), Willie Willingham (bass), Eddie Wilson (tenor), and his brother, Al Wilson (baritone). They recorded "The Wind" (not the Diablos' song) and "Pearlie Mae" for Buck Ram's Antler label. By 1961 Johnny Torrence had left the Jewels, leaving the remaining members of Al & Eddie Wilson, Don Sampson and Willie Willingham to re-brand themselves as "The Rollers".


    Songs :

    A Fool In Paradise                  Oh Yes I Know

    Rosalie                                Please Return

    No Shoulder To Cry On              Hearts Of Stone


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