• Paul Verdi, Jackie Jacobs, Alex Balbadora, Dominick Andraccho 

    The Venairs (Philadelphia)
    aka Ernie & The Halos (2) aka The Four Evers (2)


    Personnel :

    Jackie Jacobs (Lead)

    Paul Verdi (Tenor)

    Alex Barbadoro (Second Tenor)

    Dominick Andraccho (Baritone)


    Discography :

    The Venairs
    1962 - Summertime / Poor Boy (AMS demo) (Unreleased)

    The Four Evers (2)
    1963 - Everybody South Street / One More Time (Jamie 1247)

    Ernie & The Halo's (2)
    1963 - Angel Marie /  Darlin!!! Don't Make Me Cry (Guyden 2085)


    Biography :

    This group initially formed in 1960. After a great deal of practice and patience and a demo late spring 1962 as the Venairs , the Four-Evers auditioned for the manager of deejay Jerry Blavat, who thought they were great. Fate unfortunately didn't see it that way and they had to wait until March 1963 before a recording of theirs was produced and released on Philadelphia's Jamie label. “Everybody South Street” b/w “One More Time” arranged by Bob Finizio (The Fabulous Four) came out on February 16, 1963.

                                                                                                                                     Bob Finizio

     Prior to the release, there was no South Street dance in existence and when the disc began to take off, a dance was invented. The Four Evers did get on television dance shows in Baltimore, where the record took off. They go down there and first appear on [Buddy] Dean’s TV show and then on Bob Kaye’s with the Flamingos.”  The Buddy Dean Show was immortalized as the tv dance show satirized in numerous John Waters productions like Hairspray, The Shag and Cry Baby. The Four Evers were signed as singers not dancers, but the nature of their single required them to try their feet at dancing.

                                                                                                   Ernie Spano        

    About six monist elapsed when Bob Finizio contacted the restless quartet for some work. a few days later, they popped up in a studio all set to support neighborhood homeboy, Ernie Spano a member of the Four Dates who also tripped with the Fabulous Four.  The Four Evers also backed Ernie Spano in the Bell-Sound –recorded release, “Angel Marie (The Girl from Across the Sea” b/w “Darling!! Don’t Let Me Cry” (Guyden 2085) which was released on March 27, 1963, soon after their own release. All of the doo-wop groups were soon overtaken by the arrival of the Beatles and the British muscial invasion that would come within the year. 


    Songs :

    The Venairs

    Poor Boy                                          Summertime

    The Four Evers (2)

    Everybody South Street                        One More Time

    Ernie & The Halo's (2)

    The Girl From Across The Sea             Darlin!!! Don't Make Me Cry


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