The Sonars (Cocoa, Fl.)

    Personnel :

    Tom Morley (Lead))

    Ken Holmes (Guitarist)

    Iris Morley

    Caren McPherson

    Discography :

    1961 - Who's That Knocking / Ramblin' Man (Vulco 2)

    The Sonars (

    Biography :

    The Sonars : Ken Holmes, Tom and Iris Morley are graduates of Michigan State university. Ken Holmes is the group Guitarist. Tom Morley is also a deejay at WKKO.  With Caren McPherson, a graduate of Florida State, The Group have recorded "Who's That Knocking" " and "Ramblin' Man" released by Vulco Records owned by  Irv Vulgamore in Fort Pierce, FL.

    Songs :



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  • Del & The Escorts (3) (New York)


    Personnel :

    Harriet Della Casa (Lead)

    Ken Kerwin

    A. Calandrillo

    Discography :

    Single :
    1961 - Someone To Watch Over Me / Baby Doll (Rome 103)
    Unreleased :
    1961 - Thief Of Love (Rome)
    1961 - Something (Rome)

    Biography :

    Trade Martin worked with Johnny Power in the late 1950s, recording as Johnny & the Jokers and together launching the label Rome Records, active from 1960 to 1962. The label signed the groups The Earls, The Glens and Del & the Escorts . On many of these recordings, Martin played all of the backing instruments, overdubbing them track by track. Del & the Escorts was composed by Harriet Della Casa "Del", Ken Kerwin and A. Calandrillo. The group will record several pieces and finally "Someone To Watch Over Me" b/w "Baby Doll" will be released by Rome in september 1961.

    Songs :

    Someone To Watch Over Me                            Baby Doll            

    Thief Of Love / Something


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  • The Reminiscents (2)
    The Reminiscents  on Marcel

    The Reminiscents (2) (Lyndhurst, New Jersey)

    Personnel :

    Angelo Naviello (Lead)

    Judy Steinhart (First Tenor)

    Walter Kritsky (Second Tenor)

    Bob Sibilio (Baritone)

    John Costa (Bass)

    Discography :

    Singles :
    1964 - Oh Let Me Dream / Zoom Zoom Zoom (Day 1000)
    1966 - Cards Of Love / Flames (Marcel 1000)
    Acappella :
    1966 - Oh Let Me Dream (Marcel)
    1966 - Hey You (Marcel)

    Biography :

    Danny Marcella and Jim Day (Producer off the Reminiscents' Marcel and Day labels)  with Bill Maddocks and George Hamburger from Lyndhurst were some of the original members of The Reminiscents and probably the members who recorded the first single in 1963 - "Oh Let Me Dream" b/w "Zoom Zoom Zoom". In 1964/65 Danny Marcella discovered a group singing on their school steps. The group have sung in many School dance in their Area before signing a recording contract with Danny. They are from Lyndhurst and consisted of Angelo Naviello (Lead), John Costa (Bass), Judy Steinhart (1st Tenor), Walter Kritsky (2nd Tenor) and Bob Sibilio (Baritone). The Group recorded "Cards Of Love" b/w "Flames" .Danny Marcella and Jim Day released the single on their Marcel label under the name of The Reminiscents.

    Songs :

    Cards Of Love                                         Flames     

    Oh Let Me Dream                         Zoom Zoom Zoom

    Hey You


  • The Reminiscents (1)

    The Reminiscents (1)  (Newark, New Jersey)


    Personnel :

    Paul Whistler (Lead)

    Edward “Jukebox” Pasterczyk

    Rocco Galante

    Danny Buckley

    Discography :

    1964 - For Your Love / Please Lie To Me (Cleopatra 104)

    Biography :

    In 1961, a Newark’s  semi-delinquent gang of eighteen year olds singing to impress the girls who clustered there: Edward “Jukebox” Pasterczyk, Rocco Galante, Danny Buckley, and later Paul Whistler. Rocco Galante was part of the Pageants who recorded in 1961 "Saturday Romance" b/w "Make You My Queen" on the Du-Well label. “Jukebox” started the whole thing, Everybody always called him Jukebox, never called him Eddie.” Pasterczyk had earned this nickname in a very literal way—by harmonizing with the jukeboxes at the car hop before the group formed.

    The Reminiscents (1)    The Reminiscents (1)
    Tommy Falcone                                                            Rocco Galante with the Pageants (Center)

    Caught in a fateful traffic jam, a frustrated Tommy Falcone (owner of Cleopatra Records) rolled down his window only hear "Jukebox" harmonizing with friends on a Newark street corner. He was so impressed with the doo-wopping sound that he signed "Jukebox" on the spot— and the Reminiscents became the very first single released on Cleopatra Records. With the business established, Falcone took the Reminiscents into the studio in 1963 to cut the exuberantly bouncing “For Your Love” with Paul Whistler on lead b/w “Please Lie to Me.” It charted locally, bringing the group no small amount of Jersey fame and sent them out on the road.

    Songs :

     For Your Love                                   Please Lie To Me


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  •   The Visions (2)
    Clockwise from top : Arnie Immerman, Jimmy Randazzo, Robert DiPasquale & Sonny Peters

    The Visions (2) (Cleveland, OH.)


    Personnel :

    Robert DiPasquale "Bocky Boo" (Lead)

    Sonny Peters

    Arnie Immerman

    Jimmy Randazzo


    Discography :

    The Visions (2)
    1961 - Marlene / Darling dear (Warwick 108)

    1961 - There'll Be No Next Time / So Close (Brunswick 55206)
    1962 - Tell Me You're Mine / All Through The Night (Big Top 3092 )

    1962 - Swingin'Wedding / Secret World (Of Tears) (Big Top 3119)
    1963 - Tommy's girl / Oh boy what a girl (Mercury 72188)
    1964 - Down In My Heart / Tell Her Now (without Bocky) (Coed 588)

    Bocky & The The Visions (2)
    1964 - Mojo Hanna / The Spirit Of '64 (Philips 40224/Redda 1501)
    1964 - I'm not worth it / I’m pickin’ petals (Philips 40242)
    1965 - I Go Crazy / Good Good Lovin (Redda 1504)
    1966 - The Bounce / To be loved (Redda 1505)

    Bocky Dee'o

    1965 - I Can't Stand It Anymore / Hang On - Girl (Redda 1504)


    Biography :

    Bocky and the Visions (1961-65) This early pop/rock band started out as a four- man group with no instrumentation (think Four Seasons). Robert DiPasquale ( a.k.a. Bocky), the undeniable leader, quickly attracted fans with his powerful vocal style. Early members included Sonny Peters, Arnie Immerman, and Jimmy Randazzo, and there were also sax and horn players Mike  Geraci and Vic Walkuski. In 1961 the group recorded "All Through the Night" and "Tell Me You're Mine." Those who remember that early rock scene, however, best recall Bocky's 1964 lineup, which included Richie Greene (a.k.a. Dick Whittington) on lead guitar, Tony Bodanza (also known as Tony Styles) on rhythm guitar, Don Schwartz on bass, and Buddy Maver on drums.

    While playing at all the "in" clubs on both sides of Cleveland, Bocky and the Visions cut a deal with Philips record label, making it the first official Cleveland- area rock band to sign with a national label. "Spirit of '64" and "I'm Not Worth It," both written by Bodanza, got airplay on the top radio stations and became the group's biggest local hits.

    "Bocky and the Visions was the biggest [of the area groups at the time]," recalls fan and Outsiders member Sonny Geraci. "They had songs that hit the Top 10 in Cleveland. Kids, myself included, thought they were a national act because we always heard them on the radio." During its four-year reign as Cleveland's top band. During its four-year reign as Cleveland's top band, Bocky and the Visions opened for the biggest acts of the day at the "hottest" venues. At Public Hall they opened for Chuck Berry, the Rolling Stones, the Dave Clark Five, the Beach Boys, the Four Tops and The Shangri-Las.

    They also opened for the Animals at the Cleveland Arena, and for Jan and Dean at Euclid Beach Park. They appeared on the American Bandstand- type dance show The Big j Show {pre-Upbeat). "That whole period was a gas," Maver says. "Opening for the Rolling Stones in 1964 was particularly memorable. It was all so low- tech. I don't even think the drums were miked. Charlie Watts was set up on the floor, and there was no drum riser at all. " When Bocky and the Visions broke up in 1965 , members went on to other bands. Bocky wound up in Rastus, while Maver formed Richie and the Fortunes with Richie Greene, Bodanza, Schwartz (soon replaced by Jay Mohler), and sax player Terry MacLoud.


    Songs :

    The Visions (2)

               Marlene / Darling Dear            There'll Be No Next Time / So Close  

    Tell Me You're Mine                        All Through The Night

    Secret World (Of Tears) / Swingin'Wedding         Tommy's Girl / Oh Boy What A Girl

    Down In My Heart / Tell Her Now (without Bocky)

    Bocky & The The Visions (2)

    Mojo Hanna                                The Spirit Of '64

    I'm Not Worth It                         I’m Pickin’ Petals

        I Go Crazy                               Good Good Lovin

    The Bounce                                To Be Loved


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