• The Ivies (1) aka The Sensation-Ivies

    The Ivies (1) (Detroit, Mi)
    aka The Sensation-Ivies

    Personnel :

    Aaron McCray (Lead)

    Odel Logan

    Jimmy Davis

    Conley Griffin

    Arnold Johnson

    Discography :

    The Ivies
    1958 - Sunshine / Come On (Ivy 110 / Brunswick 55112)
    1959 - Voodoo / I Really Want You To Know (Roulette 4183)

    Arron McCray & His Sensation-Ivies
    1960 - I’ll Have The Last Laugh / Inter Santum (Reel 111)

    The Sensation-Ivies
    1961 - Tell Me / God Bless The Child (Willow 23003)

    Clarence Paul (BB The Ivies)
    1959 - I Need Your Lovin' / I’ll Be By Your Side (Hanover 4519 )
    1959 - Falling In Love Again / May Heaven Bless You (Roulette 4196 )

    Biography :

    From Detroit, the Ivies included Aaron McCray, Odel Logan, Jimmy Davis, Conley Griffin, and Arnold Johnson. In 1958, The group Recorded  "Sunshine" b/w "Come On"  for Ivy Records. Ivy Records was set up in Sept 57 by Stan Feldman & Ed Portnoy. It was based out of 1697 Broadway, New York. The single was reissued on Brunswick 55112 in June 1959.

    The Ivies (1) aka The Sensation-Ivies    The Ivies (1) aka The Sensation-Ivies
                                                                         Clarence Paul

    Clarence Otto Pauling (March 19, 1928 – May 6, 1995), better known as Clarence Paul, was a songwriter and record producer for Detroit's Motown Records. He was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States, and was the brother of the "5" Royales guitarist/songwriter, Lowman Pauling Jr. In 1958, he had one of his first major songwriting credits. He co-wrote and recorded "I Need Your Lovin'" for the Hanover label. It was covered less than a year later, in 1959, and became a #14 R&B hit for Roy Hamilton.

    The Ivies (1) aka The Sensation-Ivies   The Ivies (1) aka The Sensation-Ivies

    The Ivies were the back-up group for Clarence Paul on the Hanover "I Need Your Lovin' b/w "I’ll Be By Your Side" . Clarence Paul brings the group for his appearance and sings even on their singles. The     Ivies' next single is on the Roulette Label with "Voodoo" b/w "I Really Want You To Know". Probably The Ivies were again the back-up group for Clarence Paul on his Roulette Records.  The group next recorded on Johnnie Matthews' Reel label around 1960 under the name "Sensation-Ivies " and had a  release the next year on Willow, a subsidiary of the Cincinatti-based King labelowned by Mickey Guitar Baker & Syliva Robinson in New York.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Ivies

    Sunshine                                  Come On

                Voodoo                           I Really Want You To Know

    Arron McCray And His Sensation-Ivies

    I’ll Have The Last Laugh                       Inter Santum            

    The Sensation-Ivies

            Tell Me                                     God Bless The Child

    Clarence Paul (bb The Ivies)

    I Need Your Lovin'                        I’ll Be By Your Side

    Falling In Love Again                    May Heaven Bless You


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  • The Cute-Teens
    Raynoma Mayberry


    The Cute-Teens (Detroit)

    Personnel :

    Raynoma Mayberry

    Alice Mayberry

    Marlene Nero



    Discography :

1959 - When My Teenage Days Are Over / From This Day Forward (Aladdin 3458)

    Biography :

    Raynoma was born to Lucille and Ashby Mayberry and raised in Black Bottom, a Detroit ghetto, until her father’s income as a janitor at Cadillac’s headquarters enabled them to move to a better neighbourhood. At Cass technical school she played the viola in the school symphony orchestra. She also played the piano and the harp, studied theory, composition, harmony and arrangement, and sang in school and church choirs. Her first husband, Charles Liles, was a saxophonist; they married in 1955 and had a son, Cliff, divorcing after two years together.

    The Cute-Teens     The Cute-Teens

    She was performing with her sister Alice as a singing duo called Alice and Ray and it was after winning a talent contest at the Twenty Grand club in Detroit that they were introduced to Berry Gordy. He granted them an audition at his house.  Berry Gordy was impressed by her perfect pitch and by her suggestions for improving musical arrangements, devising introductions and fleshing out harmonies. She and her sister became the nucleus of a group called the Teen Queens, later the Cute-Teens with Marlene Nero and an old flame of Berrys called Mamie,

    The Cute-Teens
    Raynoma Mayberry & Berry Gordy

    Berry Gordy produced a single, From This Day Forward, leased to the Aladdin label in 1958. When Gordy released the first record on his Tamla label, Marv Johnson’s Come to Me, in the early weeks of 1959, there was a credit for the Rayber Voices, a backing choir that Raynoma had assembled and which would be heard on several early Motown records. After the birth of their child, Kerry, and his divorce from his previous wife was final, Ray and Berry Gordy were married.

    Songs :

    When My Teenage Days Are Over               From This Day Forward   


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  • The Peppermints (1) aka The Barons (4)
    Roger Craton (Lee Rogers)

    The Peppermints (1) (Detroit)
    aka The Barons (4)

    Personnel :

    Roger Craton (Lee Rogers) (Lead)

    Jessie Greer

    Barney (Duke) Browner

    Discography :

    Katie Blue (Watkins) & The Peppermints (1)
    1959 – Doing All Right / Don’t Take, Give (Hob 114)

    The Peppermints (1)
    Single :
    1959 – Teenage Idol / Believe Me (Hob 1/2)
    Unreleased :
    1959 – Willow Weep For Me (Hob)
    1959 – I've Been Hurt (Hob)

    Jack Sucrell & The Contours (1) bb The Peppermints (1)
    1959 - I’m So Glad / Yours Is My Heart Alone (Hob 116)

    The Barons (4)
    1959 - I've Been Hurt / Willow Weep For Me (Spartan 400)
    1961 - Money Don't Grow On Trees / I Miss You So (Spartan 402)
    1961 - Dog Eat Dog / Money Don't Grow On Trees (Soul 837)
    1961 - Who's In The Shack / While The Cats Away (Soul 838)

    Biography :

    The Barons were an early-'60s Detroit group more famous for its members -- Roger Craton aka Lee Rogers, Tyrone Douglas, and Jesse Greer -- than any accomplishment on their own whose records, due to limited pressings, are rare. As the Peppermints, they cut three for Carla Murphy's H.O.B. Records (House of Beauty Records). The House of Beauty, a hair boutique/candy shop, was a female hangout frequented by Raynoma Liles-Gordy (Berry Gordy's second wife).  H.O.B. issued "Doing All Right" with the flip "Don't Take, Give" credited to Katie Blue & the Peppermints.  A second offering "I'm So Glad" b/w "Yours Is My Heart Alone" (1959) was issued as Jack Sucrell & the Contours (not the Motown group); a final single in 1960 featured two sides credited as the Peppermints: "Teenage Idol" b/w "Believe Me." The flashy, well respected group was going nowhere with H.O.B. so they signed with Soul Records (not the Motown label) for two more stiffs credited this time to the Barons: "Money Don't Grow on Trees" b/w "Dog Eat Dog" and "While the Cats Away" b/w "Who's in the Shack," both in 1961.

    The Peppermints (1) aka The Barons (4)    The Peppermints (1) aka The Barons (4)
                                                                                               Roger Craton (Lee Rogers)

    Not wasting a moment they cut two final releases in 1961 on Spartan Records: "I've Been Hurt" b/w "Willow Weep for Me" and "I Miss You So" b/w "Money Don't Grow on Trees." Nothing sold and Craton became Lee Rogers on Mike Hanks' labels but only could muster small hits like "Sad Affair" and "I Want You to Have Everything." Jesse Greer delved into songwriting for Correctone Records and other entities with little success. Tyrone Douglas' career was the busiest and most fruitful, but nobody knows him cause he sang with groups who members weren't well known. Douglas sang with the Magictones then Eight Day on Holland, Dozier & Holland's Invictus label; he joined the Undisputed Truth in 1973 and recorded with them on Motown and Whitfield Records reuniting with Magictones' Tyrone Berkeley, Virginia McDonald, and Calvin Stevens; McDonald also sang with Douglas in Eight Day.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Peppermints (1)

    Teenage Idol                                 Believe Me

    The Barons (4)

    Willow Weep For Me           Who's In The Shack                While The Cats Away

           I Miss You So              Money Don't Grow On Trees                 I've Been Hurt

    Dog Eat Dog




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  • The Standards (3)

    The Standards (3) (New York)

    Personnel :


    Discography :

    1962 - The Girl Across The Way / Why Can't It Happen To Me (Gambit 1102)
    1963 - No No No / Tears Bring Heartaches (Debro 3178 / Roulette 4487)

    Biography :

    Vocal trio from New York, they recorded in February 1962 "The Girl Across The Way" b/w "Why Can't It Happen To Me" released by Gambit Records.

    The Standards (3)     The Standards (3)

    In December 1962, The Standards signed to Joe LaMonaco's Debro Label an recorded "No No No" b/w "Tears Bring Heartaches" the single was released in January 1963.


    Songs :

            No No No                            Tears Bring Heartaches


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  • The Dreamlovers

    The Dreamlovers (Philadelphia)
    aka The Dream Lovers
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 


    Personnel :

    Don Hogan (Lead)

    Morris Gardner (Lead)

    Conrad "Clifton" Dunn (Baritone)

    Tommy Ricks (First Tenor)

    Cleveland Hammock (Second Tenor)

    James Dunn (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Dream Lovers
    1960 - For The First Time / Take It From A Fool (Len 1006)
    1960 - Annabelle Lee / Home Is Where The Heart Is (V-Tone 211)
    1961 - May I Kiss The Bride / Time (V-Tone 229)
    1965 - You Gave Me Somebody To Love / Doin’ Things Together With You (Warner Bros 5619)

    The Dreamlovers
    1961 - When We Get Married / Just Because (Heritage 102)
    1961 - Welcome Home / Let Them Love (And Be Loved)* (Heritage 104)
    1961 - Zoom Zoom Zoom / While We Were Dancing (Heritage 107)
    1962 - If I Should Lose You / I Miss You (End 1114)
    1963 - Sad Sad Boy / If I Were A Magician (Columbia 42698)
    1963 - Sad Sad Boy / Black Bottom (Columbia 42752)
    1963 - I'm Thru With You / Pretty Little Girl (Columbia 42842)
    1963 - Amazons And Coyotees / Together (Swan 4167 / Casino1308)
    1964 - Oh Baby Mine (I Get So Lonely) / Those Will Be The Good Old Days (Cameo 326)
    1966 - The Bad Times Make The Good Time / Bless Your Soul (Mercury 72595)
    1966 - You Gave Me Somebody To Love / Calling Jo-Ann (Mercury 72630)
    *Re-released in 1982 on Collectables LP 5004, but erroneously labeled as “Let Them Talk”

    1982 - Mother (Collectables LP 5004)
    1982 - Let's Twist Again (Collectables LP 5004)

    1963 - The Bird and Other Golden Dancing Grooves (Columbia CS 8820)
    The Bird / Black Bottom / Ballin' The Jack / Charleston / Loco-Motion / The Slide / South Street / Let's Turkey Trot / Let's Twist Again / Limbo Rock / Pony Time / Mashed Potato Time

    The Dreamlovers


    Biography :

    The Dreamlovers were formed in 1956 in Philadelphia by Conrad "Clifton" Dunn , his brother James, William Johnson, Tommy Ricks and Cleveland Hammock. Originally using the name the Romancers, they recorded a demo for Cameo/Parkway before changing their name to the Midnighters. In 1958, while still under that name, they went into the studio to back Chubby Checker on his original recording of The Twist.

    The Dreamlovers

    After lead William  Johnson was killed in a street fight, the group brought in Morris Gardner and a sixth member, Don Hogan, changing their name to The Dreamlovers. After a short time with Len and V-Tone Records in 1960 and early 1961, they signed with Heritage who released their biggest hit, When We Get Married, which peaked at number 10. After a couple of non-charting singles, they move to End Records who released their only other Hot 100 song, If I Should Lose You (1962 / #62).

    The Dreamlovers

    They returned to the charts on a smaller scale the next year with "If I Should Lose You," a ballad for George Goldner's End Records, and then managed to record quite a few delicious samples of East Coast R&B groove and vocal harmony, including a slow doo wop-styled ballad ("I'm Thru With You") and an infectious up-tempo dance number ("Anna Belle Lee"). The group released singles for a variety of labels over the next four years, including Casino, Swan, Columbia, Cameo, Warner Brothers and Mercury, to no avail.

    The Dreamlovers    The Dreamlovers

    As they continued recording, their vocal style seemed to change with the times, always sounding ahead of their time. "When We Get Married" was later revived by the Intruders in 1970. The group continued performing, including a short stint under the name A Brother's Guiding Light, before breaking up in 1973. Members reformed in the early 80's and continued to tour into the 2000's.

    Songs :

    Take It From A Fool                   For The First Time                 When We Get Married 

    Home Is Where The Heart Is / Anna Belle Lee               Let Them Love / Welcome Home 

          Just Because                             Time                               May I Kiss The Bride

    Zoom Zoom Zoom / While We Were Dancing      I'm Thru With You / Pretty Little Girl 

    If I Should Lose You                    I Miss You                         Oh Baby Mine 

    Amazons And Coyotes / Together                         Sad Sad Boy / Black Bottom

    You Gave Me Somebody To Love    Doin Things Together With You     Bad Times Make The Good Time

    Bless Your Soul                    Callin Joann                            Mother

    Let's Twist Again      Those Will Be The Good Old Days



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