• The C-Quins

    The C-Quins (Roxbury, Massachussets)


    Personnel :

    Johnny Wyche (Lead)





    Discography :

    1961 - My Only Love / You've Been Crying (Ditto 501/Chess 1815)


    Biography :

    The C-Quins were a group from Roxbury, Massachussets, where they made a career of sorts performing at local dances. They recorded "My Only Love" b/w "You've Been Crying" released by  Ditto Records, a small Boston label. The Masters was sold to Chess Records which released them in February 1962 on Chess # 1815. "You've Been Crying", a tender doo-wop ballad, features the lead vocals of Johnny Wyche. The back up singers for the C-Quins were Tommy, Sully and Jardy.

    Songs :

       My Only Love                                 You've Been Crying


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  • The Rouzan Sisters
    (From left) Laura, Wanda and Barbara

    The Rouzan Sisters (New Orleans, Louisiana)


    Personnel :

    Laura Rouzan

    Wanda Rouzan

    Barbara Rouzan


    Discography :

    Danny White bb The Rouzan Sisters
    1962 -     Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye / The Little Bitty Things (Frisco 104)

    The Rouzan Sisters
    1962 - The Limbo Party / Dance Every Dance With Me (Frisco 105)
    1962 - Lover / The Limbo Party (Frisco 105)
    1966 - Men Of War / Dance Every Dance  (Frisco 113)

    Wanda Rouzan
    1966 - Here's A Letter From Home / Long Time No See (Frisco 115)
    1966 - Would You Love Me / Long Time No See (Frisco 116)


    Biography :

    The Rouzan sisters Laura, Wanda and Barbara Were a vocal group from the city's 7th Ward. Only in high school, they began their careers singing for talent shows, and in nightclubs. They wore bobby socks and white blouses with sailor collars. Laura, the eldest, began writing songs and had started her own publishing company. Their first break came when they sang backing vocals on Danny White's "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye", which led to a contract with Frisco. Less than two months after the "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" session in November 1962, the sisters, under the direction of Wardell Quezergue, recorded three Al Reed compositions, 'Men Of War", "Dance Every Dance" and "Limbo Party".

    The Rouzan Sisters    The Rouzan Sisters
    Danny White                                                                                                                                                           

    However, "Men Of War" (Frisco 113) was not released until 1965. The song quickly rose in the local charts, holding the number one position for three weeks on WNOE, and Top 5 status at the rival WTIX. The record was associated with the controversy about the war in Vietnam. The Rouzan Sisters were in demand playing local shows with Danny White at the Sands, the Mardi Gras lounge. F&M Patio and local dances. The sisters, unfortunately, had no follow-up to "Men Of War", but Wanda continued to record for Frisco as a solo artist; "Long Time No See" and "Would You Love Me", are two fine examples of her solo work.


    Songs :

    Danny White bb The Rouzan Sisters

    Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye                     The Little Bitty Things   

    The Rouzan Sisters

    Dance Every Dance                                Men Of War      


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  • The Escos

    The Escos (Cincinnati, OH)

    Personnel :

    Lonnie Carter (Lead Baritone/Tenor)

    Winfred Gerald (Tenor)

    George Carter

    Wilbert Bell

    Discography :

    1959 - Chick-A-Dee / I'm Lonesome For You (Esta 100) 

    1960 - Diamonds And Pearls / We Dance (Federal 12380)

    1961 - Golden Rule Of Love / Watcha Bet (Federal 12430)
    1961 - Thank You Mr. Ballard / Yes, I Need Someone (Federal 12445) 

    1963 - Shame Shame Shame / That's Life (Federal 12493)

    Biography :

    In 1959 Lonnie Carter and Winfred Gerald left the Otis Williams' Charms and started their own group, called the Escos. The others were George Carter  and Wilbert Bell.

       "The Escos" - formely "Impalas"???                                                                                                                                           

    In June 1959, they recorded "Chick-A-Dee" and "I'm Lonesome For You," which were released on Eve Dodds' Esta label (out of Hamilton, Ohio) in July. Syd Nathan (Federal label Owner, a King Records subsidiary) got the Escos to record for him. The quartet recorded a handful of singles for the Federal subsidiary label from 1960 to 1963.

         The Escos

    Otis Williams' then transferred to OKeh Records but without success, before signing to Stop Records as a solo country artist.


    Songs :
     (Update By Hans-Joachim)

    I'm Lonesome For You          Yes, I Need Someone           Diamonds And Pearls

    Golden Rule Of Love                     That's Life                               Watcha Bet      

    We Dance                    Shame Shame Shame                 Thank You Mr. Ballard




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  • Frani & The Frantics (2)
    from left: Fran Russak, Karla Major, Alayne Major and Jim Morabito

    Frani & The Frantics (2) (New York)


    Personnel :

    Fran Russak (Lead)

    Karla Major

    Alayne Major

    Jim Morabito


    Discography :

    1964 - You Threw A Line / Skin And Bones (Giant Star 401)


    Biography :

    Frani & the Frantics were a vocal quartet of Fran Russak, sisters Karla Major and Alaine Major, and Jim Morabito. Fran Russak came from Carmel, New York, the others from Peekskill. Their one and only single from the spring of 1964, “You Threw a Line” b/w “Skin and Bones” was also the first on the Giantstar label of Mahopac, owned by Raymond Meltzer. Giantstar would release three singles by the Mark IV of Poughkeepsie. The labels of Giant Star GS 401 credit Dorothea Meltzer & Jeannie Villetto for both songs. Ray Meltzer owned Jemel Publishing, JNR Production and Music-All Inc. Copyright registration shows another song, “Why Ya Make Me Wanna Cry” which Frani & the Frantics attempted but didn’t finish. Jeanne Villetto had previous experience in song-writing, composing “I Dig That Guy” for the top side of a single by Claire Lane (aka Claire Litke, a member of the Ramrods) on Josie 904 (b/w “Run Run Run Away”). Villetto and Litke also wrote “Do You Hear Me Call?” in 1962, but I’m not sure if this was recorded.


    You Threw A Line                             Skin And Bones


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  • Darwin & The Cupids (5)
     Bobbi Brown, Darwin lamm and Janet Peters

    Darwin & The Cupids (5) (Vancouver, Wa)

    Personnel :

    Darwin  Lamm

    Bobbi Brown

    Janet Peters 


    Discography :

    1960 - How Long / Chloe  (Jerden 1)
    1960 - Goodnight My Love / Won't you give me a chance (Jerden 9)


    Biography :

    Darwin Lamm was an 18 year-old singer/songwriter living in Vancouver, Washington in 1960 when he heard Bonnie Guitar was appearing in town at the “Frontier Dinner Club.” Bonnie had several hit records on her own but was also credited with discovering the group The Fleetwoods.
Not yet of legal drinking age, Darwin nonetheless grabbed up a couple of songs he had written with The Fleetwoods in mind, and headed for the club where Bonnie was singing.   The doorman, of course, stopped him at the door for I.D., but, by claiming he had some important papers for Bonnie, young Darwin was allowed to enter and sit back by her dressing room.
After Bonnie finished her set, Darwin met her outside her dressing room, where he actually sang his compositions in a live audition. Little did Lamm know, but Bonnie was looking for another Fleetwoods-like group.

       Darwin & The Cupids (5)                                                           Darwin                                                            Janet Peters, Bobbi Brown & Darwin lamm

    When she learned Darwin was working with Bobbi Brown and Janet Peters, two female singers known as The Cupids, Miss Guitar believed she had just found her next Fleetwoods trio.
At this time, Bonnie and Darwin met with Seattle music distributor Jerry Dennon who was anxious to start his own label. All that was missing was a singer and some songs, both of which were supplied when he signed Darwin & The Cupids. Within weeks “How Long” was the Northwest’s hottest hit, reaching the top of the charts. Darwin & The Cupids were in constant demand, playing rapid-fire dates for 10,000 plus crowds, such as the 1960 “Show of Stars.” “How Long” was included on the album Original Great Northwest Hits Volume I.
 On the heels of “How Long” came Darwin & The Cupids’ equally popular follow-up: “Goodnite My Love” (Jerden 9). After the two Jerden hits, Lamm moved to Los Angeles and from 1963 to 1965 recorded for Dore Records as “Darwin.” He also produced records by other artists for L.A.-based labels like Liberty, Dot and Dore Records.  


    Songs :
     (Updated By Hans-Joachim)

            How Long                              Won't you give me a chance

           Chloe                                           Goodnight My Love





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