• The Sof-Tones (2) aka The Stewart Sisters
    The Sof-Tones

    The Sof-Tones (2)  (Long Beach, Ca)
    aka  Stewart Sisters
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 


    Personnel :

    Darlene Paul

    Trudy Hancock

    Irene Diaz


    Discography :

    The Sof-Tones (2)
    1958 - I Failed / Canadian Sunset (Young 1002)

    The Stewart Sisters
    1958 - The Witness / Movie Magazine (Specialty 653)
    1959 - Comes Dawn / Shine On Me, Moonbeam  (Specialty 668)
    1959 - Sound Of Love  / Love Was Born  (Specialty 679)

    Little Richard (backing vocals of The Stewart Sisters)
    1958 - The Fabulous Little Richard (SPECIALTY 2104)
    Shake A Hand / Chicken Little Baby / The Most I Can Offer / Wonderin' / Kansas City / Directly From My Heart / Maybe I'm Right / I'm Just A Lonely Guy.

    Larry Williams  (backing vocals of The Stewart Sisters)
    1959 - Give Me Love / Teardrops (Speciality 677)
    1959 - Ting-A-Ling / Little School Girl (no group) (Speciality 682)

    Biography :

    Trio from Long Beach consisted of Darlene Paul, Trudy Hancock and Irene Diaz. The Sof-Tones' harmony accomplishments include winning talent contest at West Coast Theater, being featured on Al  Jarvis television show, appearing at Lions Club, Chandelier Club, assemblies, dances… In 1958, they cut "I Failed"/ "Canadian Sunset" for the young Label.

     The Stewart Sisters aka The Sof-Tones (2)   
                                                 The Stewart Sisters                                                                           The Stewart Sisters                                    

     The Girls move to Speciality records and cut three singles under the name of the Stewart Sisters… In 1959, Little Richard had been out of show business for over a year, having since returned to the church and gospel music.

     The Stewart Sisters aka The Sof-Tones (2)    The Stewart Sisters aka The Sof-Tones (2)
                        Little Richard                                                                                     Larry Williams       

    The Album "The Fabulous Little Richard " Recorded in 1958 for Specialty is a series of outtakes and studio tracks,  many of which (eight sides) feature the backing vocals of The Stewart Sisters, which apparently were added at Little Richard’s request in an attempt to give the album a more gospel feel. The Stewart Sisters also provided backing vocals for three recordings of Larry Williams in 1959.

    Songs : 

    The Sof-Tones (2)

    I Failed


    The Stewart Sisters

           The Witness                          Movie Magazine            Shine On Me, Moonbeam

    Comes Dawn


    Little Richard (Backing vocals of The Stewart Sisters)

    Shake A Hand                  Chicken Little Baby              The Most I Can Offer

    Wonderin'                              Kansas City                 Directly from My Heart

    Maybe I'm Right                    I'm Just A Lonely Guy


    Larry Williams  (backing vocals of The Stewart Sisters)  

    Give Me Love                   Teardrops                              Ting-A-Ling




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