• Joyce & The Privateers  (Bronx, New-York)
    aka The Tremonts (1) 


    Personnel :

    Joyce Heath (Lead)

    Billy Frye (Second Tenor)

    Ronnie Lapinski (Baritone)

    Discography :

    1962 -  The Bunny Tale (With the Tremonts) / Honor Roll Of Love (Agon 1003)

    Biography :

    The Dragon Record label was owned by Vincent Gagliano and distributed by Irving Spices' Mohawk record label.

    Vincent Gagliano                                                Joyce & The Privateers

    Among the various artists was a young and beautiful female singer, Joyce Heath. Vincent would soon to marry her and he would put her together with another group he had The Tremonts.

    Joyce Heath                                                                     The Tremonts

    The Tremonts "Julio "Joey Dee" Decicco , Ronnie Lapinsky, Bill Frye & Dave Romano" that used Vito Picone's composition of "Please Believe Me" & recorded this in 1961 as "Believe My Heart". With Billy Frye and Ronnie Lapinski they formed the Privateers.

    They Would record the novelty tune "The Bunny Tale", but it was the "B" Side of the record that the Dee Jays played "Honor Roll Of Love".


    On "The Bunny tale" The Privatters were the Tremonts. Joyce Heath recorded many other singles for Vincent Gagliano.

    Songs :

    Honor Roll Of Love                             The Bunny tale



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