• The Romans (6)

    The Romans (6) (Pittsburgh)

    Personnel :

    Tony Godino

    Lenny Guarino

    Ronnie Serra


    Discography :

    1960 - Napoli / Tanto Bleu (Caldwell 403)
    1960 - Anita / ?? (Caldwell ?)

    Biography :

    The Romans, consisting of Tony Godino, Lenny Guarino and Ronnie Serra, were a Pittsburgh-based trio that signed with Guyden Records on July 7, 1960. They were appropriately named because they sang in both Italian and English—in the same song. They also wrote their own songs along with Louis Guarino, from whom Guyden bought the masters (and his partner Charles Caputo). The group is not to be confused with the Del-Fi group Little Caesar and the Romans, which had the hits, “Those Oldies But Goodies (Reminds Me of You).”

    The Romans (6)    The Romans (6)

    Louis Guarino, songwriter and producer of the Romans’ records, was best known as Lennie Martin’s partner in Calico Records. They put out the Skyliners’ “Since I Don’t Have You” in 1959 and Chad & Jeremy’s “Yesterday’s Gone” in 1964 as the first in a string of hits. Lennie Martin died in late 1963 and Lou Guarino ran the label himself, now called World Artist Records. The sale of the Romans’ record to Guyden came in between these high points in the career of the Pittsburgh music business entrepreneur and producer.    http://jamguy.com/Romans/main.php

    Songs :




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