• The Catalinas (4) The Catalinas (1958)


    The Catalinas (4) (Charlotte, North Carolina)
    (Early Years)



    Personnel :

    Bob Meyer  (Lead Vocals)

    Buddy Emmerke (Vocals)

    Wayne  Donaho (Vocals)

    Pam Kopp (Vocals)

    Butch Gallagher (Vocals)

    O.C Gravitte (Vocals)


    Discography :

    The Catalinas (4) featuring Bob Meyer
     1961 - Hey Little Girl / Hey Senorita (Zebra 101)

    The Catalinas (4)
    1961 - Ring Of Stars / Wooly Wooly Willie (Rita 107/1006)



    Biography :

    The band held its first practice session in the chorus music room of Myers Park High School, Charlotte, NC on January 15,1958.

    Personnel in 1958 ( (in various combinations) are Buddy Emmerke, Wayne Donaho, Pam Kopp, Butch Gallagher, John Soldati, Rusty Page, Hyman Harris, Harvey Grasty, Frank Avrett, Judy Westmoreland, Bob Meyer, O.C. Gravitte, Johnny Wyatt.


    In 1961 they recorded two singles for Zebra Records & Rita Records. In the years the group have many personal changes,  over 60 accomplished guitarists, keyboardists, trumpet players, drummers, bass players & singers have been a part of the band.



    Songs :

    The Catalinas (4) featuring Bob Meyer

    Hey Little Girl


    The Catalinas (4)

     Ring Of Stars                          Wooly Wooly Willie





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