• The Compliments (1)  (New York)


    Personnel :

    Vic Donna

    Johnny Lagana

    Dennis Ferrigno

    Leopold Gonzales

    Bernie Lee Goode (Piano)

    Jack Dina (Guitar)

    Jon Prano (Drums)


    Discography :

    Michael Zara & The Compliments (1)
    1963 - Angels Of Mercy / Nobody Knows (Shell 313)

    The Compliments (1)
    1965 - Shake It Up Shake It Down / You Are My Sunshine (Congress 243)
    1965 - The Time Of Her Life / Everybody Loves A Lover (Congress 252)


    Biography :

    The Compliments had previously recorded “Angels Of Mercy” b/w “Nobody Knows” for the Shell label with Michael Zara doing the lead. But Zara was in the hospital and the Compliments were looking for a new lead singer.

    Vic Donna recorded in 1957 with The Parakeets for Atlas Records and In 1964 he replaced Michael Zara and the Group added Bernie Lee Goode (Piano), Jack Dina (Guitar) & Jon Prano (Drums) .The Compliments now consisted of seven guys and They cut two records on Congress record.

                                                                                                                          Vic Donna

    The two records were fine examples of soul group harmony. Bernie Lee Goode led “You Are My Sunshine” and “Everybody Loves a Lover” (the Shirelles tune). Vic Donna led on a couple of his own compositions; “Shake It Up Shake It Down” and “The Time Of Her Life,” the latter song attracting interest among Northern Soul enthusiasts.

    Songs :

    Michael Zara & The Compliments (1)

    Angels Of Mercy                              Nobody Knows


    The Compliments (1)

    The Time Of Her Life



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