• The Five Owls aka The Thunderbirds (1) ?  

    The Five Owls (Birmingham, Alabama)
    aka The Thunderbirds (1) ?


    Personnel :

    Oliver  (Charles?) Henderson

    Robert Harris

    Moses B. Dickerson

    Thomas Sumlin

    Rufus R. White


    Discography :

    The Five Owls
    1955 - Pleading to You / I Like Moonshine (Vulcan 302)

    The Thunderbirds (1)
    1955 - Baby, Let's PLay House / Pledging My Love (Deluxe 6075)
    1955 - Love is A Problem / Rock Boom Boom (G. G. 518)


    Biography :

    Abbey Records his a little label based in New York City was the creation of Peter Doraine, and was his attempt to become a major player in the world of the Rhythm & Blues independent record companies during the late 1940s. In May of 1955, it is announced that former New York record producer Doraine, now located in Birmingham, Alabama, will begin a new R & B label called Vulcan Records. The first of only two known releases for the label is "Pleading To You" / "I Like Moonshine" by The Five Owls on Vulcan #1025.

    The Five Owls aka The Thunderbirds (1) ?    The Five Owls aka The Thunderbirds (1) ?

    Marv Goldberg say : The lead singer on "I Like Moonshine" is the same voice as on the Thunderbirds' "Love Is A Problem" (G G 103 - another Birmingham label - it's from November 1955 and the flip is "Rock Boom Boom"). The writers of "Love Is A Problem" were Peter Doraine (A&R man for the label, as he was for Vulcan) and "Sumtin", who has to be the same guy as the "Sumton" on the 5 Owls label (but I don't know which spelling is correct).  In 1940, there were several people named "Sumton" (all in North Carolina) and only one "Sumtin" (in Florida). It's the only unusual name out of the five, so looking up the others wouldn't do much good. (However, there is a Charles Henderson in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1940 census who was born in 1934, so he's a good choice.) I believe (although I don't remember why) that the lead singer on both those songs is Charles Henderson). I've always thought that the two groups were the same, but that would have to be checked with someone who has a very good ear for voices.
    Thanks to Michael Sweeney for the personnel


    Songs :

    The Five Owls

      Pleading to You                                   I Like Moonshine

    The Thunderbirds (1)

    Baby, Let's PLay House                             Pledging My Love    

    Love is A Problem                                Rock Boom Boom


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