• Billy & Mickey (Philadelphia, Pa.)


    Personnel :

    Billy Harner

    Mickey Carroll


    Discography :

    1957 - Shakin' Time / Rocking Baby (Gilco 212)
    1958 - You Are / Rock & Roll Baby (Red Top 101)
    1959 - I Desire / Uh-mmm (Impala 203)
    1961 - The Creep / Little Girl Don't Cry (Riff 105)


    Biography :

    Billy & Mickey are a Delaware Valley duo consisting of two gentleman who would go on to have very successful solo careers.  Billy is Billy Harner and Mickey is Mickey Carroll. Mickey Carroll caught his first taste of show biz as a dancer on American Bandstand in the pre-Dick Clark days when the show was still being hosted by founder Bob Horn. Although Billy started his own career as a singer, he was playing drums .


    It was at a Battle of the Bands competition when Billy Harner, playing drums for his band, met Mickey Carroll who sang and played guitar for another band in the competition. After the contest Billy tracked down Mickey and expressed interest in wanting to sing again. Carroll then went on to form a doo-wop singing duo. Four months later they were picked up as, “Billy and Mickey" on Gilco 212.

    Mickey Carroll with friend...

    Red Top Records, an enthusiastic label with a reputation for hard work, talent and success released  "You Are" b/w "Rock & Roll Baby"  in 1958.  The a-side was a doo-wop styled, two part harmony ballad and the flip was an uptempo rocker with an introduction clearly lifted from the popular "Short Shorts" by The Royal Teens. The twosome had two more releases, one for Riff records with the nice doo-wop : "Little Girl Don't Cry"  and one for Franny Williamson's Impala label with another beautiful song :"I Desire". That was the end of Billy & Mickey, however just the beginning for Billy Harner and Mickey Carroll.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim)

    You Are                                     I Desire                       Little Girl Don't Cry

    Uh-mmm                            Rock & Roll Baby                  The Creep


    Shakin' Time



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