• The Emerald City Bandits
    Donald "Dante" Drowty & Dean Torrence

    The Emerald City Bandits (Los Angeles, Ca.)


    Personnel :

    Donald "Dante" Drowty

    Dean Torrence


    Discography :

    1964 - Come On Oz / Full Blown Caddy (Philips 40197)


    Biography :

    Dante & The Evergreens disbanded in 1964 after Frank Rosenthal contracted an illness that lasted about six months and seriously curtailed the group’s touring. Frank returned to college on an athletic scholarship and even became a professional athlete for a time. Bill Young fooled around in music and movies for a while, but eventually left the business.

    The Emerald City Bandits   The Emerald City Bandits
    Donald "Dante" Drowty                                                                                                        

    Tony Moon ended up in Nashville as a respected arranger, writer and producer. Donald "Dante" Drowty  with Dean Torrence of Jan & Dean fame... recorded in 1964 under the name of The Emerald City Bandits for Philips Records. "Come On Oz" and "Full Blown Caddy" bot written by Donald Drowty.



        Come On Oz                                  Full Blown Caddy

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