• The Spidells (Nashville, TN.)


    Personnel :

    James Earl Smith (Second  Lead / First tenor)

    Nathaniel Shelton (Tenor)

    Lee Roy Cunningham (Baritone / Tenor)

    Billy Lockridge (Lead /Second Tenor)

    Michael Young (Bass / Baritone)

    Discography :

    1964 - Find Out What's Happening / That Makes My Heart Break (Monza 1122)
    1964 - Hmmm, With Feeling Darling / Uncle Willie Good Time  (Monza 1123 )
    1966 - Pushed Out Of The Picture / With You In Mind (Coral 62508)
    1967 - Don't You Forget That You're My Baby / If It Ain't One Thing (Coral 62531)

    Biography :

    Formed in 1962 at then Tennessee A&I State University, now known as Tennessee State University. The group consisted of one senior and four freshmen.  The original group holding their first recorded record in titled "Find Out What's Happening" on Monza Records ( song was later recorded by Elvis Presley and Louise Mandrell).

    James Earl Smith, Nathaniel Shelton, Lee Roy Cunningham, Billy Lockridge, and Michael Young

    The members  are: James Earl Smith (senior-2nd Lead/1st tenor) Nathaniel Shelton (freshman/ tenor) Lee Roy Cunningham (freshman/baritone/tenor), Billy Lockridge (freshman/Lead/2nd tenor), and Michael Young (Bass/baritone).  Other replacement consisted of Wallace Brown and Frank Pillow.

                                                                                                                     Lee Roy Cunningham, Wallace Brown, Billy Lockridge and Michael Young

    The group's back up band was "The Exotics". Some of the songs recorded by the group included, "Once more with feeling", That'll make my heart break", "Uncle Willie good time", and Don't forget that you are still my baby". The Spidells provide backup vocals to Percy Wiggins. Percy also attended Tennessee State University.

    Videos :

    Come go with me                                         Lookin For A Love

    So Much In Love                                           Sad, Sad, Girl and Boy

    Never let me go

    Songs :

    That Makes My Heart Break                   If it ain't one thing (or another)                     Uncle Willie Good Time

    Don't You Forget That You're My Baby             Pushed out of the picture                   Hmmm, With Feeling Darling

    Find Out What's Happening



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