Gary Faulkner & The Hightowers (Los Angeles, Ca.)

    Personnel :

    Gary Faulkner (Lead)

    Rachel Reyes

    Anita Garcia

    Barbara Garcia

    Ann Hernandez

    Discography :

    1960 - Everybody Wants To Know / Country Boy (Rendezvous 119)

    Biography :

    Mixed Vocal group formed by five students in 1957. The group include Rachel Reyes, a senior at San Bernardino High School, Anita Garcia, a freshman at San Bernardino Valley College, Gary Faulkner, alumnus of Banning High School, Barbara Garcia, sophomore at Santa Barbara High School and Mary Ann Hernandez, a senior at Santa Barbara High School.

                                                                  L to R : Rachel Reyes, Anita Garcia, Gary Faulkner, Barbara Garcia and Ann Hernandez.

    The group has sung together for the past three years and Gary Faulkner & The Hightowers appeared on the March of Dimes show, as well as on TV. The Group cut two song early 1960 . According to Billboard (March 28, 1960) - "Rendezvous Records has acquired the master of "Everybody" and "I"m Just A Country Boy", by Gary Faulkner and The Hightowers originally released on the for Sutter label in California."

    Songs :

    Everybody Wants To Know                         Country Boy             


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