• The Orchids (2)

    The Orchids (2) (Chicago)


    Personnel :

    Gilbert Warren (Lead)

    Buford Wright (Bass)

    Robert C. Nesbary (Second Tenor)

    Charles Williams


    Discography :

    Singles :
    1955 - You're Everything To Me/ Newly Wed (Parrot 815)
    1955 - I Can't Refuse / You Said You Loved Me (Parrot 819)

    Unreleased :
    1955 - Hey Miss Fine (Parrot)
    1955 - Fine Sweet Woman  (Parrot)
    1955 - Met A Girl On The Corner  (Parrot)
    1955 - You Have Two (I Have None) (Parrot)

    Biography :

    The Orchids were a vocal group that hailed from the South side of the city of Chicago. In 1954, Gilbert Warren (Lead singer of the Five Thrills) organized a new group : The Orchids.  The other members are Buford Wright, Charles Williams and Robert Nesberry. The group practiced their sound and style and soon fopund their way to Parrot Records headed by Chicago deejay and record industry personality Al Benson known as "the Ol' Swingmaster". Warren wrote almost all of the original songs that the group performed, and soon Parrot released "Newlywed" and "You're Everything To Me" on # 815 in July of 1955. 

    The Orchids (2)    The Orchids (2)
    Al Benson                                                                 

    About this time the group had won a local talent contest and soon got an engagement at the Trianon Ballroom at an R & B Revue put together by Al Benson and starring a number of top acts including The Diablos, El Dorados, Eddie Vinson, Billy Boy Arnold and others. In September The Orchids sign on with Al Benson again for a Labor Day week at the Regal Theater along with the Buddy Johnson Orchestra with Ella Johnson and Floyd Ryland, The Spaniels, Four Fellows, Al Savage, and others. By October "Newlywed" with its recognizable bass intro is a top seller in Philadelphia and starting to be heard all over the Northeast.

    The Orchids (2)     The Orchids (2)    The Orchids (2)

    After a nice run, in November Parrot Records releases the second single by the group with "You Said You Love Me" and "I Can't Refuse" on # 819. The group was not happy with their experience on Parrot Records with the same story as so many R & B artists from the fifties when dealing with small independent labels - the absence of any royalty payments and the theft of publishing rights to the lawful writers and composers of songs recorded. As Parrot Records came to an end in 1956 so did The Orchids.


    You're Everything To Me                            Newly Wed           

           I Can't Refuse                             You Said You Loved Me

       Hey Miss Fine                             Fine Sweet Woman

    Met A Girl On The Corner                 You Have Two (I Have None)


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