• The Blue Chips (1)  

    The Blue Chips (1) (New York)


    Personnel :

    Carlton Lankford (Lead Tenor)

    Robert Banks (First Tenor)

    Willie Page (Second Tenor)

    James Fobbs (Baritone)

    Robert Harris (Bass)


    Discography :

    1956 - Appointment With Love / Come Back (DeLuxe 6100)


    Biography :

    Lead singer Carlton Lankford, 20; Bass singer Robert Harris, 17; Baritone James Fobbs, 18; First Tenor Robert Banks, 19 and Second Tenor  Willie Page, 18 formed their group  a short while  before their recording session. The group was known as the "Rockets" at this time . Their long hours of rehearsal and practice have made them into a sharp, fresh sounding act that was destined to go a long way in the musical world. All are New Yorkers, Three of them native. The Lead singer, Carlton Lankford was born in Franklin, Virginia. In October 1956, The Blue Chips recorded "Appointment With Love" and "Come Back" both written by  Carlton Lankford. DeLuxe Released the single in December 1956.


    Songs :

    Appointment With Love                           Come Back          


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