• The Sputniks (1) aka The Greats

    The Sputniks (1) (North Richmond, CA.)
    aka The Greats

    Personnel :

    Curtis Stanton (First Tenor/Lead)

    George Peeples (Tenor)

    Robert Beale (Lead Tenor)

    Lawrence Wydermayer (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Sputniks (1)
    1957 - Hey Maryann / My Love Is Gone (Class 217)
    1958 - Johnny's Little Lamb / Wait A Little While (Class 222)
    1958 - My Love Is Gone / My Baby Twist (Pam Mar 601/602)
    1958 - Clap Your Hands / Get Your Kicks (Pam Mar 607/608)

    The Greats
    1958 - Marching Elvis / Fiddler's Rock (Ebb 145)

    Biography :

    The Sputniks were originally The Four Doves of North Richmond, California who flowered briefly during the late Fifties. The group included Curtis Stanton, first tenor and lead, George Peeples, tenor, Robert Beale, lead tenor, and Lawrence Wydermayer, bass. Two years would pass before they made a record, Nathan "The Magnificent" Montague getting them signed to Class records in Los Angeles. In the Meantime Wesley Mitchell had replaced Peeples and they made the long trip to L.A for their sole Class recording session.

    The Sputniks (1) aka The Greats    The Sputniks (1) aka The Greats
    Nathan "The Magnificent" Montague                                                                                               

     Four sides were cut and such was the label’s confidence that it took a national trad ad to promote "Hey Maryann" in early 1958. Montague thought it was a good gimmick to change the group’s name, given the current media coverage of the Russian Sputnik satellite. Bur despite this and Montague’s heavy airplay of a very infectious and commercial record, it called to sell. Even so, Class already put out the other sides in the can in February "Johnny's Little Lamb" b/w "Wait A Little While". The Sputniks cut a session at Ebb Records, "Marching Elvis" b/w "Fiddler's Rock" released in April 1958 as The Greats . Shortly before The Sputniks disbanded they cut some songs at Sierra Sound in Berkeley for the L.A.-based Pam Mar record company. When the Sputniks (1) decided to call it quits, Stanton signed up for barber school. Beale took up typewriter repair, Mitchell got a job at Chevron, and Wydermayer ended up working for the BART subway system.

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Sputniks (1)

    Hey Maryann                                My Love Is Gone

    Johnny's Little Lamb                   Wait A Little While

    My Love Is Gone



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