• The Antwinetts

    The Antwinetts (Baltimore, Maryland)


    Personnel :

    Patricia Diggs

    Connie Green

    Stella Mae Logan

    Vicky Logan


    Discography :

    1958 - Johnny / Kill It (RCA Victor 7398)


    Biography :

    The Antwinetts for Baltimore is made up of Patricia Diggs, Connie Green, Stella Mae Logan and Vicky Logan. The group were recorded and promoted by Howfum Records, a very small music publishing company, which was based in Baltimore, Maryland. The actual pressing of the records was done on a contract basis with RCA, and - apparently due to some sort of confusion - many, if not most (possibly all) copies of the record ended up mistakenly printed with an RCA label. In 2003, Carroll Williams, who was one of the main figures in Howfum Records, gave an interview of his reminiscences of Howfum in the 1950s, which were published in a book, "Group Harmony", by Stuart L. Goosman (published in 2005). According to Carroll Williams, "The Antwinetts was the very first group we recorded. Young girls, twelve, thirteen, fourteen years old". He added that The Antwinetts "was our star group", and that they sold "thousands" of their records. Unfortunately, in the 1950s, the songs of The Antwinetts seem to have only been heard on the radio in Baltimore and the other major cities of Maryland, with some random airplay on various New York City stations. Howfum did not really have the money or connections to truly promote the group, and so, they faded into obscurity.


    Songs :

    Johnny                                           Kill It


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