• The Savoys (6) (Newark, N.J.)


    Personnel :

    Angelo Basilone (Lead)

    John Faliveno

    Joseph Castellano

    Joseph Stefanelli

    Sam Monaco


    Discography :

    1964 - Vision Of Love / Oh Gee Oh Gosh (Catamount 778)
    1964 - If You Were Gone From Me    / Oh What A Dream (Catamount 101)
    1965 - Crazy / When I Fall In Love  (Catamount 104)
    1965 - Gloria / The Closer You Are (Catamount 105)

    Unreleased :
    1965 - Kathy My Love  (Catamount) (Unreleased)
    1965 - It's All Over Again (Catamount) (Unreleased)

    LPs :
    1965 - I Dig Acappella (Catamount)
    Zoom Zoom Zoom / A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening / When I Fall In Love / If You Were Gone From Me

    Biography :

    The Savoys Abetter-than-average group, the five Italian lads known as the Savoys hailed from the Newark, New Jersey, area, on the outskirts of Branch Brook park at Steven Ceane Village. The Members were John Faliveno,Joseph Castellano, Angelo Basilone, Joseph Stefanelli, and Sam Monaco. They performed more than most mid-'60s acappella acts, doing shows at a variety of sites from Fairleigh Dickinson University to the  Casino at Seaside on the Jersey Shore. Their first single was 1964's "Vision of Love," a Duprees-styled 45 with instrumental backing by the Duponts and a rocking version of the Kodaks' "Oh Gee , Oh Gosh" on the flip.

    Their second single for New Jersey's Catamount label was "Gloria" (the Cadillacs ) b/w "The Closer You Are" (the Channels) done acappella. "Gloria" was arranged in a smooth yet powerful Passions style and was one of 1964's best-selling acappella singles reaching number three on Danny Style's radio show survey. Their unique up-tempo arrangement of "The Closer You Are," done in a lively "I'm So Happy" vein (the Ducanes), reached number 23 on Times Square's record sales survey in March 1965.
    The Savoys became a staple of the Catamount label through 1965 with singles like "If You Were Gone from Me" and "When I Fall in Love."


     "Gloria" wound up on Relic Records' January 1965 first Best of acappella compilation (a series of seven Lps that would eventually become the dominant contributor to the mid-'60s vocals-only craze).  Also in 1965 the Savoys added four sides to the i Dig Acappella LP for Cat-Time, including their previous two singles and "A Lovely Way To Spend an Evening" (The Angels) b/w "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom" (The Collegians).
    Jay Warner (American singing groups: a history from 1940s to today)

    Songs :

    Vision Of Love                        Kathy My Love

    The Closer You Are                             Gloria

    Crazy                                    It's All Over Again


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