• Ron Coleman, Ray Morris, Leon Trent, Nicky Addeo

    The Uniques (9) (Asbury Park, N.J.)


    Personnel :

    Nicky Addeo (Lead)

    Ron Coleman

    Ray Morris

    Leon Trent

    Sam Siciliano (Bass)

    Discography :

    1964 - Over The Rainbow / Fool Number (Selsom 104)

    Biography :

    The roots of the Uniques go back to a group started in Neptune High School by Ron Coleman in 1956. Ron assembled his first vocal quartet in school, consisting of himself, Raymond Nolan, Michael Carnegie and Alan Thompson. After high school, the group was joined by Leon Trent, a lead singer from Asbury Park. The group called themselves the Trennels and from there they became the Zircons . The Zircons sound changed for the better with the addition of Billy Brown. At that point, the group became the Uniques. By 1964, Norman Seldin owner of Delsom Records, had taken an interest in the Uniques.

         The Uniques (9)   
        Sam Siciliano                                                                                                                          Nicky Addeo

    Billy Brown was temporarily away from the group and the Uniques got Nicky Addeo to fill in as lead. Other members of the Uniques at the time were Ron Coleman, Leon Trent and Ray Morris. To make the Uniques’ sound fuller on record, Norman Seldin suggested they add a bass singer. Nicky Addeo suggested they add Sam Siciliano from the Darchaes, which they did. In a single day-long recording session at Broadways Studios in NYC, Norman Seldin decided to record all four of his acts. The Uniques recorded “Fool Number Two” backed with “Over The Rainbow”.

    Songs :

    Over The Rainbow                                  Fool Number




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