• The Pharaohs (4)
    Duke Anthony, Richard Garza , Joe Perez & Randy Garibay

    The Pharaohs (4) (San Antonio, Tx)


    Personnel :

    Randy Garibay (Lead)

    Duke Anthony

    Joe Perez

    Oscar Cavazos

    Richard Garza


    Discography :

    The Pharaohs (4)
    1959 - The Big Mistake (Wildcat)
    1959 - Baby Doll (Wildcat)

    Ronnie Chambers & The Pharaohs (4)
    1959 - Valley Of Lost Dreams (Wildcat)
    1959 - Empty Avenue (Wildcat)

    Doug Sahm & The Pharaohs (4)
    1959 - If You Ever Need Me  / Crazy Daisy (Warrior 507)

    Al Epp & The Pharaohs (4)    
    1959 - My Dream Girl / Breaking My Heart (Wildcat  0018)

    Jack Arnold & The Chalecos (Vocal by Baby Ray & The Pharaohs (4))
    1959 - Pistol Packing Mama / Hey, Jo Baby (Wildcat 00018]


    Biography :

    Ramiro Beltran (Randy) Garibay, the “Chicano Bluesman,” was born in San Antonio's Palm Heights neighborhood on December 3, 1939. He was the son of Isidro and Feliz Garibay. His parents were Mexican immigrants, and the family divided its time between home in the San Antonio barrio and a life as migrant workers traveling throughout the American Midwest. G

    The Pharaohs (4)
    (Top) Duke Anthony and Joe Perez (Bottom) Oscar Cavazos , Richard Garza and Randy Garibay

    aribay began his musical career early when he joined vocal harmony groups as the lead singer. He first sang with the Velvets and then the Pharaohs while attending Burbank High School. The Pharaohs were composed by Randy Garibay, Duke Anthony, Joe Perez, Oscar Cavazos and Richard Garza. The Pharaohs became the go-to vocal group for local recordings and radio jingles. They first appeared on vinyl backing Doug Sahm (the MarKays) on “Crazy, Crazy Daisy“. Later they backing Al Epp, Jack Arnold  & Ronnie Chambers. 

    The Pharaohs (4)    The Pharaohs (4)
    Doug Sahm                                                                                   Al Epp               

    After learning to play guitar on a Sears and Roebuck instrument given to him by his brother for his eighteenth birthday, Garibay left the vocals-only doo-wop group to play guitar for Sonny Ace and Charlie and the Jives. e played in local San Antonio blues clubs, including the renowned Eastwood Country Club, before joining the Dell-Kings. The group started a road adventure that took them first California.


    Songs :

    The Pharaohs (4)

    The Big Mistake

    Doug Sahm & The Pharaohs (4)

          Crazy Daisy                               If You Ever Need Me

    Al Epp & The Pharaohs (4)   

    My Dream Girl                     Breaking My Heart

    Jack Arnold & The Chalecos (Vocal by Baby Ray & The Pharaohs (4))

    Pistol Packing Mama                         Hey, Jo Baby      

    Ronnie Chambers & The Pharaohs (4)

    Valley Of Lost Dreams                                 Empty Avenue  




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