• The Impalas (3) aka The Four Jewels aka The Jewels (5)  (Washington, D.C)


    Sandra Peoples

    Margie Clarke

    Carrie Mingo

    Grace Ruffin

    Discography :

    1961 - For The Love Of Mike / I Need You So Much (Checker 999)

    Biography :

    The Impalas formed at Roosevelt High School in Washington, DC. Their first recordings were “For The Love Of Mike" and "I Need You So Much” after they changed their name to the Four Jewels. The Impalas consisted of Sandra Bears, Grace Ruffin, Margie Clarke and Carrie Mingo.

    Along with other talented young singers out of Washington, DC, such as The Marquees (the first vocal group that Marvin Gaye sang with) and Billy Stewart, The Four Jewels would gather at the home recording studio of the legendary R&B singer, Bo Diddley, who then lived in Northeast Washington.

    Songs :

    I Need You So Much

    CDs :


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