• Eric & The Plazas
    1962 (top) Mike Barletta, Danny Ugarte, John Martinkovic, Larry Verdicchio. (Bottom) Anthony Ventura

    Eric & The Plazas (Plainfield, N.J.)
    ref The Cordials (4)
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    Personnel :

    Eric Seijo (Lead)

    Anthony "Dome" Ventura

    Bobby Stern

    Joe Ugarte

    Danny Ugarte

    Discography :

    Emil Spak & Encores bb The Plazas
    1962 - Stuck-Up / Hold Up (instrumental) (WGW 3004)

    Eric & The Plazas
    1963 - I Wich / It's The Last Kiss (Production RS 63106)

    Nicky Addeo & The Plazas
    1963 - Danny Boy / Lovely Way to Spend An Evening (Revelation VII 101)

    Eric & The Plazas
    ref : The Cordials (4) (with Danny Ugarte)
    1961- Dawn Is Almost Here / Keep An Eye (7 Arts 707)

    Biography :

    In early 1960, Danny Ugarte and his family moved to Plainfield, New Jersey. Danny found himself going to Plainfield High School where he met his singing group. At that time, their name was not yet the Plazas. They find their group name the day they see a car a 1955 or '56 Plymouth Plaza ride by : The Plazas. Danny replaced Richie Rossi in the Plazas. The Plazas now consisted of John Martinkovic (lead and first tenor), Danny Ugarte (lead and first tenor), Michael Barletta (second tenor), Larry Verdicchio (baritone) and Anthony "Dome" Ventura (bass). By 1961, the Plazas were entertaining at school dances, they performed along with the Mood Makers band. The Plazas sang at another dance, sponsored by the Plainfield High School Canteen at the Emerson School. Though the Plazas were at first just performing locally, they soon became a fixture at New York City's Brill Building in the heart of Tin Pan Alley.

    Eric & The Plazas
    1962 (top) Mike Barletta, Danny Ugarte, John Martinkovic, Larry Verdicchio. (Bottom) Anthony Ventura

    The Plazas did background work at the Brill Building for about four years. On one occasion, their bass singer, Dome, was sent down to Philadelphia to do a recording session with the Dreamlovers.Around 1962, the Plazas were approached by singer/songwriter named Emil Spak who wanted them to back him on a song he'd written. It turned out to be a rock-a-billy tune called "Stuck Up". The Plazas arranged the background to the song.. It was recorded for Geno Viscione's WGW label (#3004) out of Somerville, NJ. Personnel wise, the Plazas continued to evolve. Joe Ugarte came and sang with the group and when the Decca’s Dynamics broke up (another Plainfield High School group), Paul Nocillawas brought into the Plazas. They turned out to be one of the best groups around.

    Eric & The Plazas
    1964 (Top) Bobby Stearn, Nicky Addeo, Tony Ventura (Bottom) Joe Ugarte, Jimmy Chidnese, Danny Ugarte.

    Through their connections in the music business, the Plazas met music producer Ralph Seijo of Colonia, New Jersey. Ralph Seijo had once been A&R man for George Goldner's Tico label. Ralph's son, Eric Seijo, was singing at the time and Ralph was looking to record him. They recorded two songs. The personnel on the Eric & the Plazas songs were Eric Seijo, Danny Ugarte, Joe Ugarte and Bobby Stearn. The following year, 1964, found the Plazas re- cording "A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening" and "Danny Boy" with Asbury Park lead singer, Nicky Addeo. Nicky and the Plazas record came out on Al Mott’s Revelation VII label (#7-101) out of Allenhurst, New Jersey. Singing on the record were Nicky Addeo (lead), Danny Ugarte, Joe Ugarte, Bobby Stearn and Tony Ventura (bass). Nicky Addeo & the Plazas continued singing together locally and .The Plazas finally drifted apart.

    Songs :

    Eric & The Plazas

    I Wich ***                                    It's The Last Kiss***

    Nicky Addeo & The Plazas

    Danny Boy                         Lovely Way to Spend An Evening

    Emil Spak & Encores bb The Plazas


    The Cordials (4) (with Danny Ugarte)

    Dawn Is Almost Here / Keep An Eye


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