• The Jivers
    Darryl Perrault & John Saulter

    The Jivers (Los Angeles, CA)


    Personnel :

    John Saulter (Lead)

    Darryl Perrault (Baritone/Bass)

    Peter Bryant (Tenor)

    Douglas Brown (Tenor)

    Charles Farmer (Bass)


    Discography :

    1956 - Cherie / Little Mama (Aladdin 3329)
    1956 - Ray Pearl / Dear Little One (Aladdin 3347)


    Biography :

    Los Angeles-based R&B vocal group the Jivers formed in 1955--according to Marv Goldberg's profile in the November 2001 issue of Discoveries, founder Daryll Perrault (baritone) previously teamed in an unnamed quartet that briefly collaborated with Jesse Belvin before backing Al Smith on four sides for Combo as one of several Smith support staffs credited as the Savoys.

    The Jivers    The Jivers

    Darryl Perrault then teamed with fellow Centennial High students Peter Bryant (tenor), Douglas Brown (tenor), John Saulter (Lead) and Charles Farmer (bass) to form the Jivers--after signing to Aladdin, the group cut four songs at Capitol Studios in June 1956, with their debut single "Cherie" hitting stores a month later.  The follow-up, "Ray Pearl," appeared in October, like its predecessor failing to generate any notice--with bookings scarce and their Aladdin deal expiring, the Jivers dissolved in 1957. Perrault resurfaced briefly in 1965, teaming with brother Larry to record "Oldie But Goodie" for Ray Charles' Tangerine label.


    Songs :

    Little Mama                                                 Cherie     

       Ray Pearl                                             Dear Little One

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