• The Four Chevelles
    Charles "Chuck" Thomas

    The Four Chevelles (Denver Colorado)


    Personnel :

    Charles "Chuck" Thomas (Lead)


    Discography :

    The Four Chevelles
    1964 - This Is Our Wedding Day / Darling Forever (Band Box 357)
    1964 - I Can't Believe / I Know (Band Box 358)
    1964 - This Is Our Wedding Day / Forever (Delft 6408)

    Chuck Thomas
    1965 - Why Baby / Let Our Hearts Be Our Guide (Band Box 360)
    1965 - What Can I Do (To Make You Care) / What Happened Baby (Band Box 365)


    Biography :

    Bandbox Records was a small independent record label based in Denver, Colorado and owned by Vicki Morosen which she operated between 1954 and 1972.  She had originally purchased a record company called Columbine Records in the early 50's, but Columbia Records thought that the name sounded too close to theirs and requested that she change it, which she reluctantly did. Bandbox concentrated on Denver's local musicians and many Rockabilly and Hot Rod instrumental discs. However in 1964, the label signed a vocal group called "The Four Chevelles" fronted by lead singer Chuck Thomas. The three other members of the Four Chevelles  remain a mystery for the moment.

    The Four Chevelles    The Four Chevelles

    The Four Chevelles recorded four sides all composed by Chuck Thomas. "This Is Our Wedding Day" b/w "Darling Forever" (Band Box #357) and "I Can't Believe" b/w "I Know" (Band Box #358). The following year, Bandbox Records released two more Chuck Thomas' singles (four sides again composed by Chuck Thomas) : "Why Baby" b/w "Let Our Hearts Be Our Guide" (Band Box #360) backed by a Female group and "What Can I Do (To Make You Care)" b/w "What Happened Baby" (Band Box #365).

    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Four Chevelles

        Darling Forever                           This Is Our Wedding Day

    I Know                                         I Can't Believe

    Chuck Thomas

    Let Our Hearts Be Our Guide                             Why Baby              

              What Can I Do                            What Happened Baby



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