• The Enchanters (3)

    The Enchanters (3) (Brooklyn, NY)


    Joe Mano (Lead Tenor)

    John Ianoni (Lead Baritone)

    Larry Fawcette (Baritone)

    Mike Seltzer (Second Tenor)

    Mickey Dabulis (Tenor/Bass)

    Discography :

    1961 - I Lied to My Heart / Talk While You Walk (Musitron 1072)
    1963 - Oh Rose Marie / Bewildered (1562/1563)

    Biography :

    The Late 50s saw the rise of white doo wops groups and one of the hotbeds of this movement was the Bushwick neighbourhood of Brooklyn. Bushwick was a mixed neighbourhood and the white street corner singers there picked up the style of their black friends. The groups were friendly towards each other, united by a love of the music, and members frequently moved from group to group. The main goal was a recording deal and a few made the grade. After plotting their vocal skills at the Friday night dances at St Michaels Catholic Church, the enchanters got the chance to follow their friends the Fascinators, Marvels, and clusters with a record of their own in early 1961. "I Lied to My Heart" was a big local hit and made it into the hot 100 in March. It only spent a couple of weeks on the national chart, but it got the group a lot of work on stage. Their second and last release "Oh Rose Marie", didn’t do as well on the minuscule JJ&M label and the group slowly faded away. The group is composed by Joe Mano (Lead Tenor), John Ianoni (Lead Baritone), Larry Fawcette (Baritone), Mike Seltzer (Second Tenor) and Mickey Dabulis (Tenor/Bass).

    Songs :

    I Lied to My Heart                             Talk While You Walk

    Oh Rose Marie                                  Bewildered



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