• The Reminiscents (1)

    The Reminiscents (1)  (Newark, New Jersey)


    Personnel :

    Paul Whistler (Lead)

    Edward “Jukebox” Pasterczyk

    Rocco Galante

    Danny Buckley

    Discography :

    1964 - For Your Love / Please Lie To Me (Cleopatra 104)

    Biography :

    In 1961, a Newark’s  semi-delinquent gang of eighteen year olds singing to impress the girls who clustered there: Edward “Jukebox” Pasterczyk, Rocco Galante, Danny Buckley, and later Paul Whistler. Rocco Galante was part of the Pageants who recorded in 1961 "Saturday Romance" b/w "Make You My Queen" on the Du-Well label. “Jukebox” started the whole thing, Everybody always called him Jukebox, never called him Eddie.” Pasterczyk had earned this nickname in a very literal way—by harmonizing with the jukeboxes at the car hop before the group formed.

    The Reminiscents (1)    The Reminiscents (1)
    Tommy Falcone                                                            Rocco Galante with the Pageants (Center)

    Caught in a fateful traffic jam, a frustrated Tommy Falcone (owner of Cleopatra Records) rolled down his window only hear "Jukebox" harmonizing with friends on a Newark street corner. He was so impressed with the doo-wopping sound that he signed "Jukebox" on the spot— and the Reminiscents became the very first single released on Cleopatra Records. With the business established, Falcone took the Reminiscents into the studio in 1963 to cut the exuberantly bouncing “For Your Love” with Paul Whistler on lead b/w “Please Lie to Me.” It charted locally, bringing the group no small amount of Jersey fame and sent them out on the road.

    Songs :

     For Your Love                                   Please Lie To Me


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