• Little Tommy & The Elgins (2) aka T.B. & The Germs
    Top: Arnold Runner, Nate Alston, Curtis Allen James Toland - front:Tommy Bryant

    Little Tommy & The Elgins (2) (Coatesville, PA)
    aka T.B. & The Germs


    Personnel :

    Tommy Bryant (Lead)

    James Toland (Tenor)

    Nate Alston (Bass/Baritone / Guitar)

    Curtis Allen (Second Tenor / Guitar)

    Arnold Runner (Bass)


    Discography :

    Little Tommy & The Elgins (2)
    1962 - Never Love Again / I Walk On (Elmar 1084 / ABC 10538)   

    The Elgins (2)
    1962 - Jump & Shout (Part I) / Jump & Shout (Part II) (Nite 1004)

    T. B. & The Germs
    1962 - Jump & Shout (Part I) / Jump & Shout (Part II) (Nite 1004)


    Biography :

    The group was formed by five young men from Coatesville when they were students at Scott High School – Tommy Bryant, Arnold Runner, Curtis Allen, Nathan Alston and James Toland. They formed the doo wop group because they used to practice music on the streets of Coatesville for fun. The band was originally going by the name, Little Tommy & the Germs, but then they ended up using the Elgins moniker, named after the watches that were manufactured in Elgin, Illinois. Alston and Allen were the guitarists for the band, while Toland, Bryant and Runner performed vocals.

    Little Tommy & The Elgins (2) aka T.B. & The Germs   Little Tommy & The Elgins (2) aka T.B. & The Germs

    Little Tommy and the Elgins played at many college campuses in Pennsylvania, such as Muhlenberg College and Shippensburg University. Many of the bandstands were at fire stations, so they would play there, and they also played at some venues in New Jersey. One the band’s biggest concerts was at the Steel Pier in Atlantic City in the summer of 1962, and many of their fans from Coatesville made the trip out to the shore to see them play. The concert was also broadcast in black and white on Grady and Hurst’s “Summertime on the Pier” television show.

    Little Tommy & The Elgins (2) aka T.B. & The Germs

    Little Tommy and the Elgins’ two most well-known hit songs are “I Walk On” and “Never Love Again.” The band had record deals with three companies for these songs: Elmar, ABC-Paramount and Sparton. Their first band manager under Elmar Records was a man named Billy Jackson, from Philadelphia, who was a founding member of another doo wop band called The Re-Vels. The Same years, Nate Alston composed “Jump & Shout“ (Part I & II) released as the Elgins on Nite and as T. B. & the Germs…

    Songs :

    Little Tommy & The Elgins (2)

       I Walk On                                       Never Love Again

    T. B. & The Germs

    Jump & Shout (Part I)                     Jump & Shout (Part II)

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