• Connie McGill & The Visions (1)  

    Connie McGill & The Visions (4) (Harlem, New York)
    (The Early Years)

    Personnel :

    Connie Mcgill (Lead)

    Raymond L. Hayes (Bass/Baritone/Piano)

    Milton Turner (Second Tenor)

    Henry "Slick" Hill

    Richard Graves

    Discography :

    1962 - Take It Like A Man / My Love Will Never Change (Edge 502)
    1962 - For That Great Day / I Could Never Love Another (Super 102)
    1962 - I Can't Live Without You / Peace Of Mind (Super 103)
    1963 - I Wanna Be Yours / Peace Of Mind (Triode 115)

    Biography :

    According to Marv Goldberg, at the tail end of the Packards' existence, Milton Turner, Ray Hayes and his wife Barbara were approached by Connie McGill, who was interested in forming a group. The result was a quartet called the Visions. They practiced a lot, but finally, in early 1961, Barbara Hayes left. She was replaced by Henry "Slick" Hill and Richard Graves.  The first record by Connie McGIll & The Visions was "Take It Like A Man" b/w "My Love Will Never Change" for Edge in 1962. The Edge label was owned by Rim records. Milton Turner didn't last too much longer and was gone by the time of the Edge recordings . The group next cut two records for the label Super.

    In 1963 Connie McGill, Raymond Hayes, Henry Hill & Roland Parker, accompanied by Roland Parker & The Strollers cut one single for the small New York independent label Triode. Connie McGill and the Visions (now a trio of Connie, Henry, and Ray) went on to record many Soul sides for many labels throughout the 60s (Toy, Camille, Edge, Goldisc, Watch, Dynamic and United International).

    Songs :

    My Love Will Never Change       Take It Like A Man        I Could Never Love Another    

    I Wanna Be Yours


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