The Caslons (Brooklyn, New York)


    Personnel :

    Sal Mondeuri (Lead)

    Lou Smith (Second Tenor)

    Richie Smith (First Tenor)

    Joe Carvelli (Baritone & sometimes Lead)

    Bernie Belkin (Bass)


    Discography :

    The Caslons
    1961- Anniversary Of Love / The Quiet One (Seeco 6078)
    1962- For All We Know / Settle Me Down (Amy 836)

    Lani Zee bb The Caslons
    1961 - Funny, Funny, Funny / Sea Tides (Seeco 6074)


    Biography :

    Sal Mondeuri (Lead), Richie Smith (First Tenor) Lou Smith (2d tenor), Joe Carvelli (baritone), Bernie Belkin (bass) . The Caslons initially got together in 1960 in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn as students at Madison High School. They made many local appearances and rehearsed a great deal. It was their manager/promoter Lou Stallman who wrote "Anniversary of Love" and "The Quiet One." The Caslons recorded demo tapes and Stallman took them around to record companies for their review. The Label Seeco Recorded the Caslons and released the Single.


    TThe Label will use the group to support Lani Zee (Lani Zarief) on "Funny, Funny, Funny" and "Sea Tides."Shortly after recording "Anniversary of Love" in Spring 1961, Bernie Belkin joined the Army, leaving the Caslons.  Since most performances at the time werelip-synched, the group decided to remain a quartet. Late in 1961 , Amy Records released "For All We Know" b/w "Settle Me Down." Nothing happened with this release and Lou Smith decided to join the army. The Caslons' magic was gone and the group split.

    Songs :

    The Caslons

    Anniversary Of Love                            The Quiet One

    For All We Know                                 Settle Me Down

    Lani Zee bb The Caslons

           Sea Tides                                    Funny, Funny, Funny


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