• Jenny & The Jewels (6) (Nashville, Tennessee)
    aka The Avons (3) ???

    Personnel :

    Paula Hester

    Beverly Bard

    Fran Bard


    1964 - Baby Love / Baby Don't You Do It (Leroy Jones)  (Hit 153)
    1966 - Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart / It's A Man's, Man's World (Leroy Jones)(Hit 257)
    1967 - In And Out Of Love / Everlasting Love (Steve Miller) (Hit 313 )



    The Avons were formed by Paula Hester, Beverly Bard and her sister  Fran Bard while at Pearl High School, Nashville. They started out on RCA's Groove label in 1963, moved to Sound Stage 7 in 1966, then to Excello in 1967 releasing their last single on Ref-O-Ree in 1968.

    The Avons each recorded for the Ref-O-Ree label of Nashville. Both acts also recorded cover versions of charted records for the local budget Hit label. Rumored The Avons used the monicker Jenny & The Jewels...


    Songs :

    Baby Love                             Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart

    In And Out Of Love

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