• The El Deons 

    From left: Randy Hardy, Kenny Head, Eddie Williams, Larry Banks and Michael Turner 

    The El Deons (Cleveland, Ohio)


    Personnel :

    Eddie Williams

    Larry Banks

    Randy Hardy

    Kenny Head

    Michael Turner


    Discography :

    1959 - It's Raining / Turn Me On (Parma ?)


    Biography :

    The El'Deon's were a Cleveland based doo-wop group that was formed at the city's East High School. The group was composed by Eddie Williams,  Larry Banks, Kenny Head, Michael Turner and Randy Hardy. They made a record. They recorded at WERE Radio station, in the basement. The engineer was Arnie Rosenburg.

    The El Deons             From left: Larry Banks, Kenny Head, Michael Turner, Eddie Williams, Randy Hardy and a student

    The 2 cuts on this were "It's Raining" and "Turn Me On".  One of the group then gave this to DJ Eddie OJay and he sent it off to contacts in New York. The people in NY wanted a clearer copy but the members didn't have one and that was the end of that. Then somebody dubbed over their original recording and the resulting cut was issued on Parma Records (a subsidiary to Paramount Records) in 1959.

    The El Deons
    The El Deons with the El Deonettes

    The El Deons had a sister group , the El Deonettes and both outfits were managed by Walter Randcliff. He also managed the LaSalles (the Tan Tams) who cut “Chopsticks”. He made the money, not the group members. Eddie Williams left the El Deon’s and joined the Sensations (not the Philly outfit or Way Out group) who included two ex members of the Crescents in the line-up. They were all together for about a year before He went into the army in 1961.

    Songs :



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