• The Swans (4) aka The Idols (1)
    Dorothy Berry 

    The Idols (1) (Los Angeles, CA)
    aka The Swans (4)


    Personnel :

    Dorothy Berry (Lead)

    Charlotte Holmes

    Barbara Holmes

    Discography :

    The Idols (1)
    1961 - Just A Little Bit More / Why Must I Cry (Reveille 1002/Dot 16210)

    Dorothy Berry & The Swans (4)
    1961 - You Know You Lied / Hold Me (Vanco 101)

    Biography :

    Richard and Dorothy Berry married in 1957, raising two children. Their marriage lasted over ten years, ending in 1968. Inspired by her husband’s musical talents, Dorothy pursued her own path in the music business, beginning as a singer for the girl group, The Idols in the early 1960s. the group consisted of Dorothy Berry, Charlotte Holmes and Barbara Holmes. They recorded two songs composed by Richard Berry "Just A Little Bit More" and "Why Must I Cry" released in April 1961 on Reveille Records and also released on Dot 16210. Promo copies have "Why Must I Cry" credited to The Swans instead of the Idols. The Same years, The group recorded "You Know You Lied" and "Hold Me" released On Vanco as Dorothy Berry And The Swans.

    The Swans (4) aka The Idols (1)    The Swans (4) aka The Idols (1)
    Richard  & Dorothy Berry                                                                                                         

    As she gained more expertise as a lead singer, Dorothy Berry was soon groomed as a solo artist, recording for such labels as Garpax, Challenge, Little Star, and Tangerine. After working with a variety of different projects with such artists as Solomon Burke, the Righteous Brothers, and David Gates, Dorothy Berry was offered an opportunity to join Ray Charles as a Raelette. With a chance o see the world with one of the most successful recording artists of all time, Dorothy joined up with Ray Charles to sing on-stage and in the studio.

    Songs :

    The Idols (1)

       Why Must I Cry                                   Just A Little Bit More

    Dorothy Berry & The Swans (4)

            Hold Me                                    You Know You Lied



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