• The Holidays (3) (Pittsburg, Pa.)
     (With Hans-Joachim)


    Personnel :

    Ray Lancianese (Lead)

    Barbara Jo Lippzer (Tenor)

    Charles Corky (Tenor)

    Frank Gori (Baritone)

    Frank Grisnick (Bass)


    Discography :

    1961 - Pretend / Miss You (Robee 103)
    1961 - Then I'll Be Tired of You / Lonely Summer (Robee 107)
    1961 - One Little Kiss / My Girl (Nix 537)

    Unreleased :
    1961 - A Love I Never Had (Robee)
    1961 - It's The Same Old Dream Robee)


    Biography :

    The Holidays were five teens who began singing together at Clairton High School in 1958. Like the Skyliners they were produced by Lennie Martin and launched by Lou Guarino on Robbee Records.  Recording in a New York studio Lennie gave their records the distinctive wall of sound string arrangements that he originated with the Skyliners.  They scored a regional hist with their first release on Robbee "Miss You" in 1960. 

    They group returned to New York to record "Lonely Summer" in 1961.  Signing with Pittsburgh promoter Nick Cenci  they released the singles "My Girl" and "Carol" on Nix Records. With strong airplay in Pittsburgh they were a popular draw at Pittsburgh area record hops. 


    The original members were Charlie "Corky" Hatfield (tenor), Frank Gori (bass/baritone), Barbara Jo Lippzer (alto), Francis "Franny" Grisnik (baritone/bass) and Ramon "Ray" Lancianese (tenor), the lead singer.  They broke up in 1962.


    Songs :

    One Little Kiss                            My Girl                                       Pretend     

            Miss You                               Lonely Summer                    Then I'll Be Tired of You

       A Love I Never Had             It's The Same Old Dream


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