• The El Domingoes

    The El Domingoes (Los Angeles, CA.)

    Personnel :

    Jay Vernon (Lead / Guitar)

    Robert Troutt (Baritone)

    Lawrence Thompson (Lead /First & Second Tenor)

    Curtis Stanton (Lead & Tenor)

    Turk (Bass)

    Discography :

    1958 - I'm Not Kidding You / Evening Bells (Kappa 206)

    Biography :

    When the Sputniks (1) decided to call it quits, Curtis Stanton, then took up with The El Domingoes of “Evening bells” fame on the Kappa Rex label. This was a short while after they had recorded and work was still plentiful. The El Domingoes line-up at this juncture was Jay Vernon, lead, guitar and songwriter (Vernon wrote “I’m not kidding you,” the Kappa Rex B-side), Robert Troutt, baritone, Lawrence Thompson, lead, first and second tenor, Curtis Stanton, lead and tenor, plus a bass singer, a country boy remembered only as “Turk.” The El Domingoes played all over the Bay Area, including The 54 Club. In 1962, Curtis Stanton quit The El Domingoes and joined a jazzy trio with Artis Johnson and his old buddy, Robert Beale. This unnamed combo sang jazz standards and was able to find sufficient employment.

    Songs :

    I'm Not Kidding You / Evening Bells


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