The Emersons  (Manhattan, New-York)
    aka The Demens (1)


    Personnel :

    Eddie “California” Jones (Lead)

    Jimmy Caines (First Tenor)

    Thomas Cook (Second Tenor, Lead)

    Frankie Cook ( Baritone)


    Discography :

    The Demens (1)
    1957 - Take Me As I Am / You Broke My Heart (Teenage 1006)
    1957 - The Greatest Of Them All / Hey Young Girl (Teenage 1008)

    The Emersons
    1958 - Hungry / Joannie, Joannie (Newport 7004)
    1959 - Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde / The Hokey Pokey (Cub 9027)
    1961 - Down In The Valley / Loneliness (United Artists 379)

    Eddie Jones & The Demons
    196? - The Greatest Of Them All / Long Tall Texan (Jim Mann & Demons) (Kairay 1003)


    Biography :

    The Demens (yes, that spelling is correct) formed in New York City and harmonized on street corners. They may have opted for that spelling of the word demon because of a record label called Demon Records famous for “Western Movies” by the Olympics and "Endless Sleep" by Jody Reynolds. The vocal group consisted of Eddie Jones, Thomas Cook, Frankie Cook, and Jimmy Caines. The group then hooked up with the manager of the Bobbettes of “ Mr. Lee” fame (Atlantic #1144), Jim Dailey, and got to record for the small Teenage record label located on Broadway.

    The Demens (1) aka The Emersons

    This affiliation yielded two singles—the original version of "Take Me As I Am"  (Teenage #1006), later covered by the Duprees, and the much less successful “The Greatest of Them All” (Teenage #1008). Shortly after the second release by the Demens, the Teenage label folded and its owners seemingly disappeared. Another label had interest in the group, but couldn't find the owners of Teenage to release the group from their contract, so in order to proceed, a name change occurred.

    The Emersons aka The Demens (1)

    The group became the Emersons and was more likely named for the electronics company than the college. ow with the Newport Records label, the group recorded a ballad called “Joanie, Joanie” and backed it up with a novelty song titled "Hungry" (Newport 7004)  The novelty side became a minor hit, and the owner of Newport Records, Jerry Winston, then brought the group over to MGM's Cub label subsidiary (#9027), where they recorded a two-sided novelty record “The Hokey Pokey” backed with “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.”


    NEven on a major label, the group failed to match the regional success of their earlier releases. They gave it one more try, again for a major label—United Artists (#379—“Loneliness” backed with “Down In The Valley",  but it just wasn't meant to be, and the group disbanded. Lead singer Eddie Jones remained in the music business and the group disbanded. Lead singer Eddie Jones remained in the music business and worked with several girl groups, including arranging and playing piano for the Chantels of “ Maybe” fame. Jones continued to work until his passing on August 24, 2008.


    Songs :
    (updated by Hans-Joachim) 

    The Demens (1)

    Take Me As I Am            You Broke My Heart          The Greatest Of Them All

    Hey Young Girl

    The Emersons

    Hungry                           Joannie, Joannie              Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

    The Hokey Pokey              Down In The Valley / Loneliness


    Eddie Jones & The Demons

    The Greatest Of Them All


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