• The Madison Brothers (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
    aka The Royal Demons aka The Thrillers (2) aka The Creators (3) aka The Friends (5)

    Personnel :

    Farris Hill (Lead)

    Richard Frazier (Tenor)

    Donald Burnett (Baritone)

    Harry Pachall (Bass)

    Discography :

    The Madison Brothers
    1959 - Give Me Your Heart / Baby Don't (Sure 1002)
    1960 - Trusting In You / What's The Matter Baby (Cedargrove 314/APT 25050)

    Farris Hill & The Madison Brothers
    1962 - Did We Go Steady Too Soon / The Twirl (V-Tone 231)

    Biography :

    While "Peanuts" was climbing the charts, Little Joe Cook and the Thrillers parted company, supposedly over money issues. Joe continued as a solo, billing himself on his next record as "Little Joe, the Thriller".

    Little Joe Cook

    The Thrillers : Farris Hill, Harry Pachall, Richard Frazier and Donald Burnett regrouped, changing their name to the Royal Demons.


    After two singles and because  They all resembled one another, they became the Madison Brothers…

    Songs :

    Give Me Your Heart                 Trusting In You             What's The Matter Baby

    Baby Don't                        What's The Matter Baby

    Did We Go Steady Too Soon                The Twirl

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