• The Monotones (1) (Newark, New Jersey)

    Personnel :

    Charles Patrick (Lead)

    Warren Davis (First Tenor)

    George Malone (Second Tenor)

    Warren Ryanes (Baritone)

    Frank Smith (Bass)

    John Ryanes (Second Bass)

    Discography :

    Singles :
    1957 - Book Of Love / You Never Loved Me (Mascot 124/Argo 5290)
    1958 - Tom Foolery / Zombi (Argo 5301)
    1958 - The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow / Soft Shadows (Argo 5321)
    1959 - Tell It To The Judge / Fools Will Be Fools (Argo 5339)
    1960 - Reading The Book Of Love / Dream (Hull 735)
    1961 - Daddy's home, But Momma's Gone / Tattle Tale (Hull 743)

    Unreleased :
    1959 - What Would You Do If There Wasn't Any Roc'N' Roll? (Argo)
    1960 - Forever Yours (Hull)

    Lps :
    1962 - Your Favorite Singing Groups (Hull Lp 1002)
    Book Of Dance  / Toast To Lovers

    Biography :

    Formed in 1955 in Newark, New Jersey, USA, the Monotones recorded one of the most memorable doo-wop novelty songs of the 50s, ‘Book Of Love’. The sextet had sung in the same church choir as Dionne Warwick and Cissy Houston before forming their own group. In 1956, they appeared on the Ted Mack’s Amateur Hour television programme, singing the Cadillacs’ ‘Zoom’.


    They won first prize and began to think more seriously about a career in music. Inspired by a television commercial for toothpaste (‘You’ll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent’), Patrick, Malone and Davis wrote ‘Book Of Love’ to a similar melody.


    They recorded it at Bell Studio in New York and it was released on the small Mascot label, a subsidiary of Hull Records. It was then picked up by Argo Records for national distribution and ultimately reached number 5 in the USA. The group was touring when their record entered the charts, and months passed before they had a chance to record a follow-up.


    A single called ‘Tom Foolery’ was released but failed to chart. The third, ‘The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow’, was a fine record and is still played on doo-wop radio programmes today, but it also failed to chart in its own time.After a few more singles, the Monotones gave up, although some of the original members performed under that name in the 90s.

    Movies :

    Book Of Love


    Songs :

    Book Of Love                       You Never Loved Me                 Tom Foolery

    Zombi                      The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow              Soft Shadows

    Tell It To The Judge              Fools Will Be Fools         Reading The Book Of Love

    Dream                 Daddy's home, But Momma's Gone     What Would You Do...

    Forever Yours                            Toast To Lovers                 Book Of Dance


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