• The Vivids

    The Vivids (New York)


    Personnel :

    Joe Conza (Lead)

    Tony Perretta (Baritone)

    Joe Mertens (First Tenor)

    Charles Ponzio (Second Tenor)

    Bob Curreri (Falsetto)

    Jerry Di Donna (Bass)


    Discography :
    Demo :
    196? - Bell's of My Heart


    Biography :

    Vocal Group from New York composed by Joe Conza from Richmond Hill (Lead Singer), Tony Perretta from Richmond Hill (Baritone), Joe Mertens from Ozone Pk (First Tenor), Charles Ponzio from Brooklyn (Second Tenor), Bob Curreri from Brooklyn (Falsetto) and Jerry Di Donna from Brooklyn (Bass). The group performs locally and were invited to sing at "I'm A American Day" Festivities, at Central Park.

    The Vivids


    There were over 100 stars of the stage, screen and television; including such greats as Pearl Bailey, Joey Adams, Lucy Monroe, Dick Van Dibe, Henry Youngman... The vivid recoreds several demos. Unfortunately, none of the demos will be released.


    Songs :

    Bell's of My Heart


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