• The Curls (New York)


    Personnel :

    Sue Singleton

    Susan Terry


    Discography :

    The Curls

    1959 - Imaginez Vous / Why Dindn't I Go (Everest 19319)
    1960 - Like A Waterfall / He's My Hero (Everest 19350)

    Paul Evans & The Curls

    1959 - Seven Little Girls / Worshipping An Idol (Guaranteed 200)

    Biography :

    Sue Singleton, born Mary Louise Dollinger, had her own radio program in Scotts Bluff, Nebraska at the age of nine. She headed to New York in the 1950's to pursue her singing career. One of her early gigs was with, 'The Curls.'  Duo comprised Sue Singleton and Susan Terry.  Their only foray into the Hot-100 chart was as backing vocalists for Paul Evans on "Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat."  For that song, they were hired (along with Paul) by songwriters Bob Hilliard & Lee Pockriss to record a demo,which wound up being released "as is," peaking at #9. 


    The duo then released a pair of singles on Everest (neither of which charted), of which this was the first.  "Why Didn't I Go" is clearly intended as a followup to "Seven Little Girls ...," with very similar arrangements.  This song and the B-side, "Imaginez Vous,"were both Hilliard/Pockriss compositions.  Their second Everest single was "He's My Hero" b/w "Like a Waterfall." 


    After, 'The Curls,' Sue landed on the Perry Como Show. She was the lead soprano in Perry's backup group, 'The Ray Charles Singers.' She was often-tapped to perform duets with Perry on this 'live' variety show. Her stint on television lasted six-years.

    The Curls 

    Sue Singleton

    She became a voice teacher in the late sixties. She moved to Phoenix, Arizona where she taught voice and performed as a church soloist until her passing in 2009
    By David Craver



    Songs :

    The Curls

    Like a Waterfall                                 Why Dindn't I Go

    Paul Evans & The Curls

    Seven Little Girls                    Worshipping An Idol



    Movie :

    Paul Evans & The Curls

    Seven Little Girls







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