The Emblems (1) (U.S. Marines)


    Personnel :

    Tom Stauch "Tommy Vann"

    William Johnson

    Harvey Hardy

    Anderson Gilchrist

    Silvester Kinney


    Discography :

    1962 - Poor Humpty Dumpty / Would You Still Be Mine (Bayfront 107)
    1962 - Too Young / Bang Bang, Shoot'em Up Daddy (Bayfront 108)

    Biography :

    Tom Stauch joined the United States Marine Corps in 1959 and while stationed in Okinawa formed a group called the "Emblems".

    Upon returning to the states he secured a record contract with BayFront, a New York label owned by Leo Rogers and Sid Arky (BayFront, Tip Top, Lido, Bruce, Power, All Star and Lo Fi records) . "Too Young," "Bang Bang Shoot 'Em," "Poor Humpty Dumpty," and "Would You Still Be Mine" were recorded for Bayfront Records, and, while they are great recordings, they didn't chart anywhere.


    Tom Stauch was also known as 'Tommy Vann' and in 1966 he formed a new group : "Tommy Vann & The Echoes". Shortly thereafter they were recording in New York and had the uptempo recording of "Too Young" which sold upwards of 650,000 copies.

    Tommy Vann & The Echoes

    Tommy left the "Echoes" in 1966 and formed the group, "Tommy Vann and The Professionals".


    Songs :

    The Emblems (1)

                 Too Young                           Bang Bang, shoot'em up Daddy

    Poor Humpty Dumpty                        Would you still be mine


    Tommy Vann & The Echoes

    Too Young  



    CDs :


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